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Level Gap Perusahaan Konstruksi : Analisis and Rekomendasi

Level Gap Perusahaan Konstruksi : Analisis and Rekomendasi

Kali ini topik yang dibahas cukup berat. Tapi percaya atau tidak, sering menjawab berbagai masalah yang bersifat fundamental atau strategis atas mengapa organisasi proyek atau organisasi perusahaan konstruksi / lainnya memiliki kecenderungan memiliki performa yang menurun. This article is the hypothesis the observation of many current phenomena.

Saya mencoba mencari-cari referensi terkait dengan tulisan ini. Namun belum ditemukan. Semoga nanti akan ketemu, karena tiap kali berhipotesa saya selalu mencari referensi update agar tidak mulai berfikir dari nol. Well…karena belum ada tentu tidak salah jika saya mencoba mengungkapkan hipotesa sederhana tapi bermakna cukup dalam ini.

Saat ini gembar-gembor proyek infrastruktur sedang begitu maraknya. Maklum pemerintah Jokowi sedang menggenjot proyek infrastruktur demi meningkatkan perekonomian kita yang ditopang oleh sektor konsumsi hasil dari belanja infrastruktur pemerintah. Alhasil, perusahaan bidang konstruksi pun berbulan madu karenanya. Tak ayal, target marketing atau proyek baru dipasang setinggi langit, revenue dipatok dengan growth securam tebing tinggi serta laba bersih yang meroket. Namanya sedang berbulan madu, sudah pasti banyak yang melirik. Harga saham perusahaan konstruksi pun ikut terbang tinggi melampaui segala konsensus investor. Applaus, handshaking, penghargaan, dan everybody happy tiap kali pembahasan kinerja perusahaan konstruksi.

Sudah bagus, tapi ada tapinya…laporan keuangan beberapa kwartal terakhir, sebagian besar perusahaan konstruksi melaporkan penurunan kinerja yang signifikan. Lho…bulan madu berujung negative growth?

Perlu diketahui bahwa bisnis konstruksi adalah bisnis jasa yang sangat mengandalkan resources SDM. Terlebih bahwa bisnis yang mengerjakan proyek konstruksi menghadapi kompleksitas yang tinggi alias risiko pekerjaan yang tinggi pula. SDM proyek logikanya harus mampu untuk hadling kompleksitas itu agar dapat mencapai target performa yang ditetapkan. Belakangan, kompleksitas proyek semakin tinggi seiring waktu. Beberapa penyebab utama yang mungkin adalah :

  • Project size yang semakin besar
  • Durasi proyek semakin dituntut untuk semakin pendek
  • Konflik resources yang semakin sering terjadi
  • Ketidak-sempurnaan design yang semakin banyak
  • Tuntutan kualitas yang semakin tinggi
  • Tingkat persaingan yang semakin ketat
  • Pengendalian berlebihan seperti kriminalisasi meningkat
  • Pendanaan proyek yang semakin terbatas / menurun
  • Dll

Semua di atas telah secara signifikan meningkatkan kompleksitas pelaksanaan proyek yang berarti bahwa tuntutan pengelolaan / manajemen proyek yang meningkat pula.

Di sisi lain semakin banyaknya proyek yang harus dikerjakan menyebabkan dibutuhkan SDM yang semakin banyak. Hal ini pada dasarnya bukanlah masalah jika kecepatan peningkatan jumlah proyek berjalan seimbang dengan kecepatan proses meningkatkan kemampuan / HR competency project.

Reality, actually speed the number of projects is far above the speed to increase the competence of human resources both hard and soft. The impact, many projects are experiencing a shortage of human resources. This new terms of number. Whereas, also determine the level of competence. Too magnitude of the speed difference had been made a lot of necessity in the promotion of HR alias massive pengkarbitan. Conceivably, if a project with less amount of human resources and competencies are not enough and even less once. Of course it will greatly weaken the ability of project teams to manage projects. Whereas, the weakness of the project team has a broad spectrum of effects and fundamental. There are so many elements that will be affected by the project management.

Now, good condition demands and conditions of human resources and capabilities within the context of project management has been mapped properly. They were walking in the opposite direction. Claim moves up, while the project management capacitance moves down. Here's what I mean by management capability gap.

Based on the experience of being a Project Manager, ideally managerial capacity / project management must be at least equal to the demands of the complexity of the existing. During her time as PM, I never let any gap in a long time. Each event that indicates the start happening gap, must be addressed collectively by the project team. Because of the impact the broad spectrum of the most feared.

On a project which was asked to be a substitute PM, I found the project team in amounts less, alias much less broad competence, and a poor attitude. When the pressure bertubi2 whack. So many PR and heavyweight issues that must be resolved. Obviously this is because the gap was too wide left in a long time. The simple formula is rapidly closing the gap by adding personnel with high competence, or by replacing personnel with debilitating mental typical team, improve mental / team spirit as well as patching some important systems and adequate problem solving. Very tiring, but the results are incredible. Many project performance rose significantly in less than 6 months. It is evidently important and very valuable lesson.

This paper intends to jointly pay attention that any growth is mainly for construction companies, should be the no.1 element management capabilities (management capability / level of manageability) which leads to how the existing condition of HR and planningnya forward. A number of infrastructure projects may membuaikan eyes and ears. But what does it mean if the honeymoon will end up being a big problem for construction companies if they are not immediately aware of the potential risk of such large. A brief discussion of this in the end concluded that the importance of human resource management in line with the balance and development of the company if it is to continue to exist and progress and become a leading company that actually.

What if already? The medicine is still modest, NK project is minimal restrictions due to fewer projects for relatively fixed revenue, HR-related systems improve quickly to close the gap by sniper, improvement of planning and controlling system on project management, which can be either centralization or other means. May be useful.

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