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Know what the ISO & ISO management service bureau

Know what the ISO & ISO management service bureau

The International Standards Organization (ISO) is a global association comprising national standardization bodies consisting of not less than 140 country. ISO is an organization outside of government (Non-Government Organization/NGO) which was founded in 1947.

The mission of ISO is to support the development of standardization and related activities in hopes to assist international trade, and also to help the development of global cooperation in the field of science, technological and economic activity.

ISO principal activity is to produce international agreements which were subsequently published as an international standard.

Various ISO

  • ISO 9001 = The model system of quality assurance in design / the development of production, installation and service.
  • ISO 9002 = The model system of quality assurance in production and installation.
  • ISO 9003 = The model system of quality assurance in final inspection and testing.

4 type of document to meet the registration requirements

  • Quality manual (document level I) = Strategic document that contains requirements issued wisdom that quality management.
  • Procedures (document level II) = Written procedures to achieve a quality of wisdom that has been stated in the document level I.
  • Instructions (document level III) = Operational documents, contains written instruksi2 issued as part of the implementation of existing prosedur2 dlm document level II.
  • Forms (document level IV) = Document database, provides quality catatan2.

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