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What it itas (limited stay permit)

What it itas (limited stay permit)

  1. Limited stay permit granted to:
    1. Foreigners who entered Indonesian territory with limited living Visa or Foreigner granted over the status of stay permit visits, which includes :
      1. Strangers in the framework of investment;
      2. Working as a professional;
      3. Perform duties as clergy;
      4. Education and training;
      5. Conducting scientific research;
      6. Join spouses a limited stay permit holders;
      7. Merged with the father and / or mother of a child of foreign nationality who have a legal family relationship with the father and / or mother Indonesian citizen;
      8. Joined the father and / or mother Limited Stay Permit holders or Permanent Residence Permit for children aged under 18 (eighteen) years old and unmarried;
      9. Strangers former Indonesian nationals; and
      10. Wisatawan lanjut usia mancanegara.
    2. Child at birth in Indonesia Region father and / or mother's limited stay permit holders;
    3. skipper, crew, or foreign experts on board ship, alat apung, or installations operating in the territorial waters and the Indonesian jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions of the legislation;
    4. Orang Asing yang kawin secara sah dengan warga negara Indonesia; or
    5. Son of a Stranger legally married to Indonesian citizens.
  2. Limited stay permit can also be given to the Stranger to make short work.
  3. Residence Permit terbatasberakhir karenapemegang limited stay permit:
    1. Return to their country of origin and do not intend to get back into Indonesian Territory;
    2. Return to their home country and not come back again exceed the period of validity Entry back its;
    3. Acquire citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia;
    4. Izinnya telah habis masa berlaku;
    5. The permits switch status to a Permanent Residence Permit;
    6. Izinnya dibatalkan oleh Menteri atau Pejabat Imigrasi yang ditunjuk;
    7. Dikenai Deportasi; or
    8. Meninggal dunia.

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