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Terms requirement of filing documents Permits for Foreigners

Terms requirement of filing documents Permits for Foreigners

Mempekerjakan TKA untuk menduduki posisi seperti Direktur, Manager, Experts and or other fields, permitted by the Ministry of Manpower Indonesia for not getting the right personnel in Indonesia. yet, the Department of Labour restrict some fields in each sector to be utilized by the Company in hiring Foreign Workers.

For Foreign Workers in Indonesia, they will need IMTA (Permit Hiring Foreign Workers) or so-called Working Permit. This document is usually the obligation of the company that employs foreign workers.

Requirements to obtain IMTA and Permits are :

A. Terms of Corporate Sponsors

  1. Copy the Notary who has been approved by the Office related
  2. Copy SIUP
  3. Copy TDP
  4. Copy of Certificate of Domicile of the Company
  5. Copy NPWP Perusahaan
  6. ID Card Copy Director
  7. Organisation structure (inside there is a position for a candidate TKA)
  8. Copy of Employment Contract
  9. Accompanying staff appointment letter to TKA
  10. Copy Obligation Report Department of Labour to employ foreign workers (Law on Mandatory report No.17 year 1981)
  11. Sponsor Letter from company
  12. Power management

B. The requirements to be prepared by the WNA / TKA candidates

  1. Copy Paspor (Full page - Front Cover to Cover Rear)
  2. Riwayat Hidup (Curriculum vitae) –> English or Indonesia
  3. copy of diploma
  4. Photograph size 4 × 6; 3× 4 and 2 × 3 each 6 sheet (Red background)

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