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Pengertian Exit Permit & Pengurusan Exit Permit

Pengertian Exit Permit & Pengurusan Exit Permit

EXIT permit is a permit to leave the country where someone is staying with the intention to travel to the country lain.baik for tourist / business for something specific / on business.

This permission is usually owned by every citizen,Strangers or foreigners who do not have citizenship(usually because of war or conflict country ), who will be traveling out of state / country where people leave the residence during this.

Exit permit is usually issued by the competent authority / government of that country, is shaped in the form of permission stamp stamped / engraved in the relevant passport / passport of the person , The exit permit provisions, for wni and foreign passport holders for RI and RI travel documents like passport for foreigners removed or did not occur in accordance with the decree of the minister of justice in 1992 on the elimination of license provisions set out (exit permit) in other words to a stranger who will leave Indonesia then still have to have permission to leave ( exit permit).
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