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Sertifikat Badan Usaha (SBU) are Certificates issued certification bodies Ter-AccreditationChamber of Commerce or LPJK to companies that have passed the Certification as proof the company is able to carry out the work of procurement of goods and services according Sector Classification, Sub-Field and qualifications stated in Sertifikat Badan Usaha.USE CERTIFICATE ENTERPRISES
Certificates are useful for companies as acuab to be able to follow the pre-qualification tender / auction procurement jobs in Government Agencies, SOE or environment projects Mining and Oil, Gas and Geothermal in Indonesia

Requirements-peryaratan SBU :A. NEW REGISTRATION / CHANGES INCREASE Gred

  1. Establishment and Amendment Act (if any amendment).
  2. SK Confirmation Justice Minister for PT (Untuk Gred 5,6,7).
  3. Court confirmation for CV (Gred 2,3,4).
  4. Copy of Permit for Business Premises (SITU)/letter of Domicile.
  5. Fotocopy NPWP / PKP.
  6. Copy of ID card and diploma Director / Responsible Enterprises (PJBU).
  7. Photocopy of ID card, Diploma, SKA / SKT Power Engineering in accordance with the field for Responsible Mechanical / Responsible Field (PJT / PJB).
  8. Statement of Non Civil Servants to PJBU and PJT / SPA.
  9. Proof of Work Experience (to change / increase Grades 3,4,5).
  10. Latest Colored Photograph 3 × 4 cm 2 sheet (in accordance with the field captured).
  11. Complete the application form from the association.
  12. Public accountant audited balance sheet (Gred 5,6,7).
  13. Attach Copy ISO Certificate (Gred 6,7).
  14. Administrative fees.
  15. Membership Kadin / Receipt already enrolled in the local Chamber of Commerce.
  16. please attach 1 originals and 2 copies of of the foregoing documents.


  1. Submit Membership Card Association (ATC) and Serfitikat Enterprises (SBU) Construction Services Association previous year.
  2. Pas recent color photos 3 × 4 cm 2 sheet (taken in accordance with).
  3. Attach copy of ID, Diploma, and SKT / SKA Power Techniques for PJT / CHD adjusted to the field (compulsory).
  4. Fill the form of renewal and attach supporting data when there is a change.
  5. Attach a copy of the contract (SPK) who obtained jobs in 3 last year
  6. Balance must be audited public accountant (Gred 5,6,7)
  7. Administrative fees.
  8. Membership Kadin / Receipt already enrolled in the local Chamber of Commerce.
  9. please attach 1 originals and 1 photocopy documents, except for Grade 7 please attach 1 originals and 3 document photocopy of the foregoing documents.

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