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Taking Care of Business License Requirements Special Freight

Taking Care of Business License Requirements Special Freight

1)The requirements that must be met to obtain a business license transport :

a.Memiliki Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN);

b.Memiliki Deed of Company for the applicant the form of business, deed of cooperative society for the applicant and the applicant's residence for individuals;

c.Memiliki Domicile Company;

d.Memiliki location permit (SITU);

e.Pernyataan ability to own or control 5 (lime) motor vehicles for applicants who live in Java, Sumatra and Bali;

f.Pernyataan ability to provide a vehicle storage facility.

2)Administrative and Technical Requirements

a.Memiliki letter transport business license;

b.Menandatangani letter ability to meet the requirements of all liabilities as permit holders stretch;

c.Memiliki or control the vehicle is roadworthy as evidenced by a photocopy Vehicle registration number (vehicle registration) according domicile of the company and a copy Vehicle Test Books;

d.Menguasai storage facilities / pool vehicles as evidenced by the picture location and building, and a certificate regarding the ownership and control;

e.Memiliki or in cooperation with other parties that are able to provide facilities maintenance of a motor vehicle so as to take care of the vehicle to remain in a roadworthy condition;

f.Surat description of business conditions such as capital and human resources;

g.Surat description of business commitments such as the type of service that will be implemented and applied service standards,id;

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