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Purchase of land management procedures (bagian 1)

Buying and selling land is a common thing in daily life in society. If the seller and the buyer have agreed to make buying and selling land to the land that has been certified, the steps that must be taken is :

1. Deed Of Sale & Purchase (AJB)

The seller and the buyer must come to the office of the Land Deed Official (PPAT) to make the deed of sale of land. PPAT is a public official appointed by the National Land Agency which has the authority to make the deed of sale in question. As for areas that have not been a sufficient number of its PPAT, Camat because of his position to carry out the task of making PPAT deed of sale of land.

2. Persyaratan AJB

necessary to make the Deed of Sale and Purchase of Land in the Land Deed Office is :
a. seller carry :
· The original certificate of land rights to be sold.
· Identity card.
· Proof of payment of Land and Building Tax.
· Letter Agreement husband / wife for a married.
· Family Card.
b. While prospective buyers take :
· Identity card.
· Family Card.

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