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Purchase of land management procedures (bagian 2)

Purchase of land management procedures (bagian 2)

3. The process of making the deed of sale in Kantot PPAT.

a. Preparation Preparation of Sale and Purchase Agreements.
1) Before a deed Purchase Land Deed Maker Official checks on the authenticity of the certificate to the office of the Land.
2) Pejual have to pay income tax (Income Tax) if the selling price of land over sixty million rupiah in Bank or Post Office.
3) Prospective buyers can make the statement that by buying the land it does not become holders of land rights that exceed the maximum size limit provisions.
4) A written statement from the seller that the land owned is not in dispute.
5) Public deny making the sale Buy when the land to be sold is in dispute.
b. Making the Deed of Sale and Purchase
1) Making the deed must be attended by the seller and the prospective buyer or authorized person with written authorization.
2) Making the deed must be attended by at least two witnesses.
3) Office maker Land Act read deed and clarify the content and meaning of the deed.
4) When the deed was approved by the seller and prospective buyer then the deed is signed by the seller, prospective buyers, Witnesses and Officials of Land Deed.
5) Deed created two original pieces, one sheet stored in PPAT Office and the other sheets submitted to the Land Office for registration purposes (transfer of title).
6) The buyer and seller each given a copy.

4. How is the next step after the completion of manufacture of Sale and Purchase Agreements ?

a. After completion of the manufacture of Sale and Purchase Agreements, PPAT then submit the file to the Office of the Sale and Purchase of Land for the purposes behind the name of the certificate.
b. Submission must be implemented not later than seven working days from the signing of the deed.

5. Files submitted that any ?

a. The application letter signed by the name of the buyer.
b. Deed of sale PPAT.
c. Certificate of land rights.
d. Identity card (KTP) buyers and sellers.
and. Proof of payment of income tax pembayaraan (Income Tax).
f. Proof of payment of Tax on Acquisition of Land and Buildings.

6. What is the process in the Land Office ?

a. After the file is submitted to the Land Office, Land Office provides proof of receipt of the application name back to Public, then by the Public receipt delivered to the Purchaser.
b. Name of the rights holder long (seller) in the land book and certificate crossed out with black ink and initialed by the head of the Land Office or appointed official.
c. Name the new rights holders (buyer) written on the page and column is in the land book and certificate with bibubuhi the record date and signed by the Head of the Land Office or a designated official.
d. During 14 (fourteen days) the buyer has been able to certificates already on behalf of the buyer in the land office.

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