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The main reason small businesses are not growing

The main reason small businesses are not growing

No concept / basic planning

The concept or the basic planning is essential, because with the concept that we handle in running a business.

The basic concept should be made simple, so that we can really understand the concept that we created. If the concept only complicated and it is difficult to understand, most likely we will also be difficult to make it happen.

There is no separation between business money and personal money.

This error most often occurs. Adverse effects of the absence of separation of business money and personal money is the capital scour unconscious. Generally it will feel when there are orders that are larger than usual, or just when the business began to slack. And that makes us difficult to save the business, because we are not aware of the cause. Open it evaluates into, instead we prefer to blame external factors for their new competitors and more woe again we began to suspect a new competitor using the element of magic to disturb us.

Lack of innovation

In general, the business has not changed much, but the strategy and the way business is constantly changing in accordance with the changing times. So we must innovate our way of doing business.

Can we see the industry or trade are still using the old way, generally can not thrive. Not because its products, but how.

There are no clear rules

Small business is managed by the owner, often do not have clear rules. Opening hours / working hours, price, processes and so forth depending on their owners.

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