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Requirements management of import identification number Manufacturer (Local Private Companies)

Requirements Needed :

  1. Copy of Deed of establishment of companies & all changes are complete with the approval of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights
  2. Copy of Certificate of Domicile office & Factory
  3. Fotocopy NPWP Perusahaan
  4. Photocopy of ID card & TIN Director (signatories API)
  5. If the signer API in addition to the Director must attach a copy of ID & TIN as well as power of attorney leg.Notaris
  6. Copy of license Industry & TDP (Certificate of Company Registration)
  7. Copy of Rental Agreement (jika sewa) / certificate Office (if property)
  8. Photograph signatories API uk. 3×4 = 3 lbr (background merah)
  9. Letterhead companies 5 lbr (to petition)
  10. Original fire (If the re-registration / change)