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Making permission BKPM & pt stance pma | the cost of obtaining pma

Making permission BKPM & pt stance pma | the cost of obtaining pma

1. After Permit from BKPM out, then it can start to process the incorporation of PT. PMA (with notes, PT. could've used / approved by the Minister).
2. A copy of the deed to be completed within a maximum period 2 work weeks since the signing of the deed.
3. Handling Domicile and TIN on behalf of PT. concerned
TIN created for PT. Special PT PMA must TIN. PMA
Timing + 12 working days.
Catatan: At this time might as well take care of Letters PKP (Pengusaha Kena Pajak) at the PMA special KPP. dan nantinya akan dilakukan survey/ tinjau lokasi perusahaan.
Timing + 12 working days, because there is a survey of the local Tax Office business location.

4. Pembukaan rekening atas nama Perseroan dan menyetorkan modal saham dalam bentuk uang tunai ke kas Perseroan. Bukti setornya diserahkan kepada Notaris untuk kelengkapan permohonan pengesahan pada Departemen Kehakiman RI .

5. Confirmation of submission to Justice, Timing + 3 day

6. After exiting the approval from the Department of Justice, dapat diurus Tanda Daftar Perusahaan (TDP) and Mandatory List of Companies (WDP) new. Timing + 14 working days.

7. Setelah semua selesai, management of his stay Supplement. Timing 2 months

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