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cara mendirikan perusahaan di jakarta

cara mendirikan perusahaan di jakarta

below is how to establish a company,,id,Welcome to the OSS to manage documents that will be required,,ms,or you can also visit a local service bureau,,id , baik cv atau pt (perseroan terbatas)

  1. datang ke ptsp untuk mengurus dokumen yang akan diperlukan
  2. atau anda juga bisa mendatangi biro jasa setempat

The presence of Indonesian Professional Consultant is to provide consultancy services in a business establishment, provide support services and permits the formation of a business entity that is associated with your business, But as well, we were also able to provide services related to the consultation on land use law, perijinan sales and purchase management (land and buildings), Behind the name of a land certificate / home, and make the licensing documentation for foreign nationals working in Indonesia and the accompanying legal interest of individuals.

With the support of professionals from our partners which include : Notaris/PPAT, Lawyer, Legal Consultant and a qualified professional people as well as our services have progressed during 7 years provide evidence that enables us to keep faith / trust and our attitude to our clients keprofessionalan, because of this we have the motto "Our Ready to become a reliable partner for your business"

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