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incorporation services trade


1 . Copy the following Articles of Incorporation probate / Decree of the Ministry of Justice

2 . Copy of Business License, TIN , TDP, Permission Industry (depending on the type of company)

3 . Copy of ID Director (name as stated in the Articles of Incorporation)

4 . Copy of A Company Domicile Still Valid

5 . Copy RPTKA, DPKK, TAKEN, Permits of all foreign workers who have been there

6 . Copy of Act No Obligation Report. 7

7 . Copy of Passport Foreign Workers ( complete 1 book )

8 . Copy of Diploma TKA if not in English must be translated first

9 . Copy of Curriculum Vitae / Curriculum Vitae

10. Copy Reference Work (evidence of work experience)

11.Copy of ID companion TKA (Indonesian people) 1 TKA 1 Companion, attach also

foto uk 2×3

12.Photos TKA red back ground size 2X3, 3X4, 4X6 each 8 lbr

13. KOP blank letter that stamped and signed as director 20 sheet

14. Copy of health insurance from the prospective foreign workers

15. TKA candidates must be above the age of 25th and work experience

16. The validity period of the passport must be above 24 months

17. Last Education candidates TKA min. Scholar

18. If the company is already there 5 TKA it should face the Department of Labour

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you want to travel abroad without having to worry about a visa ? only with Indonesian passport alone you are able to travel to the countries below :

A S I A :

1. Brunei: FREE VISA with the time of 14 day.
2. Cambodia : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
3. China : Visa on Arrival (VOA) only valid for travel to Hainan Province and organized by a travel agency.
4. Hong Kong : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
5. India : VOA – US $60.00 to the behavior 60 day.
6. Iran : VOA – € 55.00 to the time of 2 week and go through 6 only border gate.
7. Jordan : VOA – US $30.00 to the time of 1 months.
8. Kyrgyzstan : VOA – US $ 30.00 specifically for countries that do not have representation Kyrgystan (including Indonesia).
9. Laos : FREE VISA for the time of 30 day.
10. Macao : FREE VISA for the time of 30 day.
11. Malaysia : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
12. Maldives : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
13. Nepal : VOA's validity 150 days in a fiscal year.
14. Oman : VOA - $ 50.00 to the time of 30 day.
15. Pakistan : VOA only for business purposes only.
16. Philippines : FREE VISA with the time of 21 day.
17. Singapore : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
18. Sri Lanka : VOA – US $27.00 to the time of 90 day.
19. Taiwan : VISA FREE with time occurs during 90 days with the condition have a residence permit from the countries: England, AS, Japan, Australia, New Zealand dan Schengen.
20. Tajikistan : VOA – US $ 45.00 to the time of 30 day. This visa can be obtained at the Dushanbe airport by showing a letter of invitation (of the hotel or a local sponsor).
21. Thailand : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
22. Timor Leste : VOA – US $30.00 to the time of 30 day.
23. Vietnam : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
O C E A N I A :

1. Cook Island : FREE VISA with the time of 31 day.
2. Fiji : Visa on Arrival (VOA) – FJ$ 96.00 to the time of 90
day, once included in the fiscal year.
3. Micronesia : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
4. Niue : VOA to time in effect for 30 day.
5. Palau : FREE VISA for 3 first month and will be charged when dipanjangan.
6. Papua New Guinea : VOA
7. Samoa : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
8. Tuvalu : FREE VISA with the time of 30 hari s/d 90 day.
A F R I K A :

1. Cape Verde : Visa on Arrival (VOA) – € 40.00
2. Comoros : VOA - US $ 100.00 to the time of 90 day.
3. Ethiopia : VOA - US $ 20.00 to the time of 30 day.
4. Kenya : VOA - US $ 100.00 to the time of 90 day.
5. Madagascar : VOA - US $ 15.00 to the time of 90 day.
6. Morocco : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
7. Mozambique : VOA to the time of 30 day.
8. Seychelles : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
9. Tanzania : VOA – US 50.00 to the time of 90 day.
10. Zimbabwe : VOA – US 30.00 for all arrival
11. Zambia : VOA to the time of 30 day

A M E R Y :

1. Bermuda : FREE VISA with the time of 180 day.
2. Chile : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
3. Costa Rica : FREE VISA for 30 day for ever to USA, Canada and Schengen.(ada stamp of Passport).
4. Colombia : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
5. Cuba : FREE VISA for 30 days with a tourist card requirements have purchased before departing.
6. Ecuador : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
7. Haiti : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
8. Jamaica : FREE VISA for 180 day, specifically for the citizen who has a residency permit in the United States alone.
9. Mexico : FREE VISA when it has the Visa USA
10. Peru : FREE VISA with the time of 180 day.
11. Saint Vincent : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.

E R O P A :

1. Albania : FREE VISA specifically for holders of Schengen Visa.
2. Andorra : FREE VISA with the time of 7 day.
3. Belarus : VOA to the time of 10 day, only occur at Minks Airport only.
4. Georgia : FREE VISA only to holders of Residence Permit in USA, Schengen countries, Korea, Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait and valid for 360 day.
5. Turkey : VOA - US $ 25.00 to the time of 30 day
6. Serbia : FREE special VISA Diplomatic Passport holders.

Visa on Arrival (VOA) : we can directly come to the country of destination, you will get a visa after paying a fee at the visa counter at the airport or point of embarkation predetermined.
Beba Visa : you can directly come to the country and will get a visa at the immigration counter without having to pay a visa fee.

Noteworthy :
Passport minimum validity period 6 months from the date of your arrival.
Get used to bring pasphoto 3 × 4 or 4 × 6, sometimes needed.
The above data was collected based on personal experience and from various sources, such data could multiply or even less, all depends on the dynamic political situation of the world as well as bilateral relations between countries. It's good you double check before traveling.
Congratulations to plan your trip


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Code of Ethics can be defined pattern rules, procedures, sign, ethical guidelines in conducting an activity or job. Code of conduct is a pattern of rules or procedures as the Code of Conduct.

In relation to the profession, that the code of ethics is an ordinance or rule that has become standard activities of members of a profession. A code of ethics describes the professional values ​​of a profession that is translated into standards of behavior of its members. The most important is the desire of professionals to provide community service.

Professional values ​​can be also called an ethical principle.(Chung, 1981 produce four basic ethical, ie : (1). Appreciate the value and dignity (2). Caring and responsible (3).Integrity in relationships (4). Responsibility towards society.

Code of conduct standards used aktvitas members of the profession, code of conduct as well as guidelines (guidelines). The community makes as perdoman in order to anticipate the occurrence of interaction between members of the profession. interaction is a professional monopoly., utilizing the power and privileges that protect personal interests contradiction with the community. Oteng/ Sutisna (1986: 364) mendefisikan that the code of ethics as guidelines for ethical behavior that forces members of the profession.

National convention IPBI to-1 defines a code of ethics as a pattern provisions, rules, procedures that guide in carrying out activities or duties of a profession. Bahasannya everyone should run and will mejiwai Pattern, Terms, rules because basically an act that does not use a code of conduct will face sanctions.

if you require the services of Business Establishment and Management Services Licensing us legalsolusindo willing in terms of management is.

The absence of strict parameters of the code violations and violations of the act in the patient's physician is, indicates the need for a legal right applied in solving the problems of medical, that can only be gained by trying to understand the phenomena that exist within the medical profession.

Medicine who once seemed beyond the reach of law, with growing public awareness of the needs of the treatment of legal protection to make the world not only as a civil relationship, often develop into criminal matters. Many of the problems we have encountered malpractice, on the patient's awareness of the law appointed criminal matters. Based on this required some thought and prudent steps so that each party both doctors and patients obtain legal protection fairest – fair. Leaving this question will be protracted negative impact on medical services that will ultimately be detrimental to society as a whole. It is recognized by all parties, that doctors are human beings that one day could be wrong and negligent violations of the code of ethics that can occur, even possible to violations of legal norms. Soerjono Soekanto and Kartono Muhammad found no strict parameters on boundary violations of the code of ethics and legal violations.

Honorary Council of Medical Ethics is an agency within the organizational structure of the Indonesian Doctors profession (IDI). MKEK will determine the case merpuakan ethics violations or violations of the law. It is also reinforced by the Law No.. 23/1992 health which states that the determination of whether there is any error or omission is determined by the Disciplinary Council of Health Workers,id (Article 54 Signs 2) formally established through Presidential Decree (Article 54 Signs 3).

Buying and selling is the process of transfer of rights that have existed since time immemorial, and are usually arranged in Indigenous law, with the principle of: Bright and Cashier. Light means done before the General Office of the authorities, Means to pay in cash at the cash. So, when the price of the outstanding, it can not be done buying and selling process is. Today, authorized to execute the sale and purchase of the Land Act is the Office Record (PPAT) consisting of:

* PPAT while -> was appointed as the Head of the PPAT to regional - remote areas,id

* PPAT -> Notaries are appointed by decree of the Head of BPN for a specific work area

What data should be fitted to the Sale and Purchase and behind the name? In buying and selling land and / or building, PPAT usually concerned will request data standards, which includes:

Soil data, include:

a.asli PBB 5 last year following Deposit Receipt (pay her evidence)

b.Asli land certificates (for checking and behind the name)

c.asli IMB (if there, and to be submitted to the Purchaser after
completed the process of AJB)

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d.bukti payment account electricity, telephone, air (if there)

if you need assistance in the context of the field as shown we legalsolusindo accept the licensing management services
or others.

For submission to the bank credit to the value of over USD 50 Million, one of the requirements you must meet are required to have a TIN or attach. If you do not have the bank will reject your loan application submission.

The reason is not too important, for some people who already have more income, but for the people who need mortgages still much is needed for the purposes of. Examples mortgage to buy a home, credit to buy a new car, and loans for working capital.

How, if you think about important not have a TIN if the facts above reasons? L still no excuse for not managing tax ID?

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the importance of law as a guideline in social environment, ethnic, and state. provisions of the rule of law and other norms to be applied in a variety of everyday life,In social life we ​​need a legal system to create a harmonious community life and regular. Statement of law or legislation made not include all matters arising in the community and make it difficult for law enforcement to resolve the matter. In an effort to resolve a matter of judges sometimes face the problem of no legislation that can directly be used to resolve the matter concerned, despite all of the methods of interpretation have been used. the importance of the law itself for the colors of the country, one example :

1. To prevent or avoid a judge's own actions by citizens.
2. To ensure the implementation of human rights of citizens.
3. To protect the weaker party from the action arbitrariness done, by strong parties.
4. In order to guarantee the implementation of the rights and obligations of citizens.

The presence of law enforcement and legal rules are clear, firm, and just aim for the citizens to understand the rules that apply, capacity to implement, and a Justice when experiencing the law to every citizen on the face of it be treated the same law.

kami adalah legal solusindo konsultan hukum yang menangani segala licensing management services and business incorporation services dokumen -dokumen sebagai berikut :

1. Company Legal Documents.
2. Perijinan-perijinan in Indonesia
3. Arrangements for the establishment of foreign companies
( Stance PT PMA / set up company, company establishment, company formation )
4. Dokumen-dokumen Property ( Home, Land, Building, Apartments, dl l)
5. Expatriate permit ( Next , TAKEN, RPTKA, Vitas , MERP )
6. ISO and ISO

A. Licensing:
a. Domicile, TIN, PKP, SITU, License, TDP, TDR, SIUJK, APIT, LKPM, IUT, No. Disorders, HO,
IMB, EIA , SNI, ISO, dll.
b. Perijinan at BKPM, WOMEN, ASSOCIATION, KMB dll.
c. Hak Milik Intellectual : Trademarks, Patent, & Copyright.
d. ISO and ISO

1.Report obligatory
2.RPTKA ( foreign employment plan) , Fillet, Telex Visa, manufacture of Permit, SKLD,
IMTA extension ( permission employ foreign labor) ,
MERP ( multiple exit re-entry Permit ) , blue book , POA, CHICKEN, SKPPS, SKTT, STM , SKJ

1. Sale and Purchase of Land Management, Home, Shophouse, Building, Apartment, dll.
2. Making the Land Lease Agreement Contract, Home, Shophouse, Building, Apartment, dll.
3. Making Land Certificate
4. Thirdly Handling Land, Increased Rights to Land, Prolongation of HGB.
5. And Others.

Best Regards

Alex george

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