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Franchises from the beginning until today has undergone many developments in various types. Namun di Indonesia, waralaba masih identik dengan produk makanan dan minuman. Bagi calon entrepeneur muda, bisnis waralaba adalah cara termudah untuk belajar bisnis. Dengan menjadi waralaba atau franchisee, maka kita akan mendapatkan bimbingan dari pewaralaba (franchisor) about tips and effort to build his business empire. Yet, although with the capital that has been given to franchisees and various guidance has been done by the franchisees intensively, can not guarantee business done will meet with a success.

There are various factors that cause a lot franchisee to fail in business franchise, among others:

1. Are quite high
In order to participate in a franchise business on a particular product, we have to submit the initial capital in order to have the right to use the product name franchisees and get help and guidance tools and. Although sometimes capital that must be submitted are considered high, especially franchises from abroad. For example, McDonalds requires the franchisee must provide a deposit of capital around 405 million to hold rights (permission) producing McDonalds over an extended period of time 20 year.
So to be able to have fast food restaurant McDonalds require funding of about 1 billion more, good for site preparation, building, raw materials and employees. Unlike the local franchise which will cost less. Moreover, Also there are some franchises that ask for a percentage of profits / which has been obtained franchisee turnover each year in the contract agreement.

2. Raw material costs are too expensive
Usually, franchisees have provided raw material supplier for the franchisee to manufacture its products. They argue that the raw materials from suppliers who have been invited to work already meet quality standards. So the price of raw materials was a bit more expensive than the market price. Whereas such cooperation, pewaralaba also get a commission. Thus the profit margin earned by franchisees could become smaller.

3. Venture capital is not enough
There are some franchisees that provide attractive option for prospective franchisees to join the business, which gives the option installment of funds and supply of materials for franchisees who are still undercapitalized. Yet, generally the franchisor (franchisor) do not want to be involved in the provision of funds for the franchisee (franchisees) the lack of capital, so that the franchisee must be independent in seeking additional capital. In lean times and usually tersebutlah, the franchisee must be shut down in the middle of the road.

4. Granting franchise location is not strategic
The franchisee usually take into account also the location strategy, and to allow a representative of the franchise at a distance / a certain radius. Yet, not a few franchisees who allowed the establishment of dozens of franchise in one location (city) with the hope that he get more profit. It is not nice, because the franchisee had to compete with the brand and the same product in one location (certain radius).

5. Creativity is restricted
In the franchise business, Sometimes franchisors require franchisees to use falisitas uniform in their business places, or spot colors, Billboard, knick knacks, as well as other accessories. So that the power of creativity that will be developed by the franchise be limited to attract consumers. It becomes a negative value for entrepreneurs who have high creativity.

6. Determination of improper location
One of the keys to success in building a business is selecting the right location. In determining the location of which will serve as a place of business franchise, it's worth doing a little research, Good hustle locations, interests of citizens around the product to be sold, the number of rival attempts at similar products, and economic conditions being experienced by the local community.

7. Pewaralaba bankruptcy
What happens if the parent turns business into bankruptcy when businesses are being mangalami progress. So we have to fend for themselves without further assistance and guidance from the franchisor. This can give the distress and fear in ourselves. The same thing can happen if your business associates (same franchise) who was in another location turned out to be bankrupt, so that raises concerns.

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Making Japanese visa was apparently very easy, the origin of the condition has definitely approved. You make a new passport before applying for a visa or still empty? full passport stamp or other countries? The original requirements are completed according to the agreed unsure ask koq, so do not worry.

My experience makes it very easy Japanese visa.
Dokumen-dokumen yang perlu dilengkapi dalam pengajuan visa untuk kunjungan sementara untuk kunjungan wisata dengan biaya sendiri :

  1. Passport
  2. Isi formulir permohonan visa, can be downloaded here and a recent photograph (size 4,5 x 4,5 cm taken 6 last month without background is not the result of editing, clear / blurry)
  3. Foto copy KTP (of domicile)
  4. Copy of Student Card or Certificate of Learning (only when still a student)
  5. Evidence ticket booking (documents that can prove the date of entry-exit Japan)
  6. Itinerary (all activities since the entry to exit Japan)
  7. Copy of documents showing the relationship with the applicant, such as birth certificates, family card etc. (when more than one applicant)
  8. Documents relating to travel expenses. If the applicant is responsible for the costs (copy of proof of financial, such as bank statement or passbook photocopy 3 last month (if the applicant is not in charge of such a father / mother, then have to attach documents to prove the relationship with the person in charge of the cost)

For more details please see here.
I myself am a housewife with no income. Then to complete the documents required to include a copy of my husband's ID card, Family card and a photo copy of TIN husband, along with copy of passbooks husband 3 last month.

For ticket reservations evidence, I do not use the original ticket is already paid because I purposely did not buy tickets in advance for anticipated losses when my visa was not approved. I use the services of travel agents for booking tickets evidence. And when the visa application, proof of booking my ticket is only valid 1 day.

For additional evidence, I attach proof of my hotel booking from booking.com message provided “free cancellation”.


a. Holidays are not in working condition permitted within a certain timeframe.

b. Jeni skin

1. Annual Leave

(a) Given to civil servants who have worked at least 1 (one) consecutive years (including civil service candidates);

(b) The duration 12 (twelve) working days and can not be broken up less than 3 (three) working days;

(c) Annual leave to be carried out in a confidential relationship for a period of leave 14 (fourteen) day including holidays;

(d) Annual leave not taken in the year concerned, can be taken in the following year for a maximum of 18 (eighteen) days annual leave inclusive ongoing;

(and) Not be taken more than 2 (two) consecutive years, can be taken in the following year for a maximum of 24 (twenty-four) weekdays including annual leave in the ongoing.

2. The Big Break

(a) Given to the civil servants who work at least 6 (more) consecutive years, Long holidays 3 (three) months, including annual leave is running;

(b) Civil servants undergoing major holidays no longer be eligible for annual leave in the year concerned;

(c) Civil servants taking leave of less than 3 (three) months, then leave the rest of which are entitled to remove;

(d) During the run of the holidays, civil servants concerned to receive the full revenue benefits except department leadership;

(and) Big holidays can be used by civil servants to fulfill religious obligations.

3. Sick leave

(a) Civil servants who are sick for 1 (one) or 2 (two) day and told his superiors in writing;

(b) Civil servants who are sick more than 2 (two) day up to 14 (fourteen) entitled to sick leave days , with the provisions apply in writing enclosing a medical certificate public / private;

(c) Civil servants who are sick more than 14 (fourteen) days of sick leave must submit a request in writing by attaching a medical certificate public / private;

(d) Sick leave at the outside 1 (one) years can be added at the latest 6 (more) months;

(and) Civil servants who have been granted sick leave for 1 (one) year 6 (more) months and has not been recovered, should be re-examined by a medical doctor appointed by the Minister of Health (Health Testing Team ):

(1) when no cure, but there is hope to be able to work again as civil servants, then it stopped with the respect of his department because of illness to get money wait accordance with applicable legislation, udangan;

(2) not healed and there is no hope to be able to work again as a civil servant, he kindly stopped for civil servants, to secure these rights staffing according to laws and regulations applicable.

(f) Women who fall sick leave are entitled to the biological longest 1 ½ (one half) months;

(g) Civil servants who had an accident in the line of duty and therefore, so need to get the right treatment to heal sick leave.

4. Maternity Leave

(a) Leave granted to civil servants who had the locker I, II, dan III. Dressing I counted since they become civil servants;

(b) Period of time 1 (one) months before delivery and 2 (two) months after childbirth;

(c) For the dressing to IV and subsequently,when the right to receive great vacation can be removed to leave the dressing, and liabilities or leave outside the country.

5. Leave for Important Reason

(a) Leave granted to civil servants on the grounds that one of his family members (father, mother, isteri/suami, children, sister, brother, in-law or son-) serious illness or death;

(b) To take care of the rights of family members who died;

(c) Aside from the first marriage;

(d) Longest holiday ever 2 (two) months, should be set in such a way, so it's really only for the time it takes just.

6. Leave out Piri State

(a) Leave granted to civil servants who have worked for at least 5 (lime) consecutive years for reasons of urgent and important, examples of female civil servants to follow her husband to work abroad;

(b) Long break up 3 (three) years and can be extended a maximum of 1 (one) year, request for extension must have filed at least 3 (three) months before the holiday ends;

(c) Break out the liability is not the right country, therefore request leave outside the country can be granted or liability rejected by the authorities after obtaining the approval of the Head of the Regional Office of the National Civil Service Agency I;

(d) Civil servants who carry out obligations leave the country freed from the department and the department immediately voids can be filled;

(and) During the run off civil servants concerned not generate revenue from the country and not be counted as working time;

(f) Civil servants who have completed their holidays outside the country dependents must report in writing to the parent agency leadership,until no later than 6 (more) months after the holiday ends, when not reported then dismissed as civil servants with pension rights;

(g) Civil servants were late to report back to the parent institution after it is run off outside the responsibility of the state, then:

(1) when the delay is less than 6 (more) months, then it can be hired back when the delay is acceptable excuse the authorities, there are vacancies and received approval from the Head of the Regional Office of the National Civil Service Agency I, from the date of 1 (one) The next month he reported himself;

(2) when the delay is less than 6 (more) months, but the reason is not acceptable delay the competent authority, concerned civil servants dismissed with respect as civil servants;

(3) when a delay of more than 6 (more) months, concerned civil servants dismissed with respect as civil servants.

(h) Especially for unpaid leave for childbirth four countries and beyond, applicable provisions of the following:

(1) leave request can not be rejected;

(2) civil servants who carry out such leave is not released from the department;

(3) holidays does not require the consent of the Head Office of the National Civil Service Agency Regional I;

(4) ever leave is equal to the length of maternity leave;

(5) for conducting the holidays do not receive revenue from the country and not be counted as working time civil servants.


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What forms of protection for victims of domestic violence ?
The following are some of them :

1. Protection by the police in the form of temporary protection granted for 7 (seven) day, and in
time 1 X 24 hours of protection, determination letter shall request police protection order from
court. Protection by the police while this may be done in collaboration with health professionals, social,
volunteer and spiritual director to assist victims.

2. Protection by advocates is given in the form of legal consultation, mediation and negotiation between
including the families of the victims and perpetrators of family (mediation), and assist victims at the level of investigation.

3. Protection with a court order issued in the form of an order of protection is granted for 1
(one) years and can be extended. The court may make an arrest with a warrant arrest
against perpetrators of domestic violence during 30 (thirty) days when the offender is guilty of a violation of the statement
signed on its willingness to meet the protection order from the court.

4. Health care workers is crucial, especially in imposing sanctions efforts against domestic violence perpetrators.
Health workers are required to provide appropriate professional written report of the medical examination and make visum et
repertum the request of police investigators or other medical certificate that has strength
law as evidence.

5. Social worker services provided in the form of counseling to strengthen and give
safety for victims, provide information about the rights of victims to obtain protection, and
deliver coordination with related institutions and agencies.

6. Volunteer escort services provided to victims about the rights of victims to obtain one or
some volunteer, accompany victims show objectively follow KDRT suffered in
level of investigation, prosecution and trial, listen and provide reinforcement
psychologically and physically to the victim.

7. Service provided by the spiritual director is given to provide an explanation of rights, obligations and
provide reinforcement of faith and piety to sacrifice.

Author, lawyer, Director of the Institute for the Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence (LPK2RT).
Source: http://www.pikiran-rakyat.com/cetak/2007/012007/16/0902.htm

you want to travel abroad without having to worry about a visa ? only with Indonesian passport alone you are able to travel to the countries below :

A S I A :

1. Brunei: FREE VISA with the time of 14 day.
2. Cambodia : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
3. China : Visa on Arrival (VOA) only valid for travel to Hainan Province and organized by a travel agency.
4. Hong Kong : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
5. India : VOA – US $60.00 to the behavior 60 day.
6. Iran : VOA – € 55.00 to the time of 2 week and go through 6 only border gate.
7. Jordan : VOA – US $30.00 to the time of 1 months.
8. Kyrgyzstan : VOA – US $ 30.00 specifically for countries that do not have representation Kyrgystan (including Indonesia).
9. Laos : FREE VISA for the time of 30 day.
10. Macao : FREE VISA for the time of 30 day.
11. Malaysia : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
12. Maldives : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
13. Nepal : VOA's validity 150 days in a fiscal year.
14. Oman : VOA - $ 50.00 to the time of 30 day.
15. Pakistan : VOA only for business purposes only.
16. Philippines : FREE VISA with the time of 21 day.
17. Singapore : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
18. Sri Lanka : VOA – US $27.00 to the time of 90 day.
19. Taiwan : VISA FREE with time occurs during 90 days with the condition have a residence permit from the countries: England, AS, Japan, Australia, New Zealand dan Schengen.
20. Tajikistan : VOA – US $ 45.00 to the time of 30 day. This visa can be obtained at the Dushanbe airport by showing a letter of invitation (of the hotel or a local sponsor).
21. Thailand : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
22. Timor Leste : VOA – US $30.00 to the time of 30 day.
23. Vietnam : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
O C E A N I A :

1. Cook Island : FREE VISA with the time of 31 day.
2. Fiji : Visa on Arrival (VOA) – FJ$ 96.00 to the time of 90
day, once included in the fiscal year.
3. Micronesia : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
4. Niue : VOA to time in effect for 30 day.
5. Palau : FREE VISA for 3 first month and will be charged when dipanjangan.
6. Papua New Guinea : VOA
7. Samoa : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
8. Tuvalu : FREE VISA with the time of 30 hari s/d 90 day.
A F R I K A :

1. Cape Verde : Visa on Arrival (VOA) – € 40.00
2. Comoros : VOA - US $ 100.00 to the time of 90 day.
3. Ethiopia : VOA - US $ 20.00 to the time of 30 day.
4. Kenya : VOA - US $ 100.00 to the time of 90 day.
5. Madagascar : VOA - US $ 15.00 to the time of 90 day.
6. Morocco : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
7. Mozambique : VOA to the time of 30 day.
8. Seychelles : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.
9. Tanzania : VOA – US 50.00 to the time of 90 day.
10. Zimbabwe : VOA – US 30.00 for all arrival
11. Zambia : VOA to the time of 30 day

A M E R Y :

1. Bermuda : FREE VISA with the time of 180 day.
2. Chile : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
3. Costa Rica : FREE VISA for 30 day for ever to USA, Canada and Schengen.(ada stamp of Passport).
4. Colombia : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
5. Cuba : FREE VISA for 30 days with a tourist card requirements have purchased before departing.
6. Ecuador : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
7. Haiti : FREE VISA with the time of 90 day.
8. Jamaica : FREE VISA for 180 day, specifically for the citizen who has a residency permit in the United States alone.
9. Mexico : FREE VISA when it has the Visa USA
10. Peru : FREE VISA with the time of 180 day.
11. Saint Vincent : FREE VISA with the time of 30 day.

E R O P A :

1. Albania : FREE VISA specifically for holders of Schengen Visa.
2. Andorra : FREE VISA with the time of 7 day.
3. Belarus : VOA to the time of 10 day, only occur at Minks Airport only.
4. Georgia : FREE VISA only to holders of Residence Permit in USA, Schengen countries, Korea, Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait and valid for 360 day.
5. Turkey : VOA - US $ 25.00 to the time of 30 day
6. Serbia : FREE special VISA Diplomatic Passport holders.

Visa on Arrival (VOA) : we can directly come to the country of destination, you will get a visa after paying a fee at the visa counter at the airport or point of embarkation predetermined.
Beba Visa : you can directly come to the country and will get a visa at the immigration counter without having to pay a visa fee.

Noteworthy :
Passport minimum validity period 6 months from the date of your arrival.
Get used to bring pasphoto 3 × 4 or 4 × 6, sometimes needed.
The above data was collected based on personal experience and from various sources, such data could multiply or even less, all depends on the dynamic political situation of the world as well as bilateral relations between countries. It's good you double check before traveling.
Congratulations to plan your trip


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Passport is an official document issued by the competent authority of a country that contains the identity of the holder and place to travel interstate.

Passport holder containing biographical data, which includes, among others,, photo holder, signature, place and date of birth, national information and sometimes also some other information regarding the identification of individual.

how to apply passport ?

1 . you can go to the nearest immigration office from your home or through existing immigration offices throughout Indonesia . bring such requirements :

– kk asli & photocopy newest family card ,

– The original ID card & photocopy of identity card

– The original birth certificate(also bring a photocopy) or original diploma (also bring a photocopy).

then came & fill out the form at the nearest immigration. and follow the process for the sake of the process.

2. or you can also fill out an online form for the submission queue in order to avoid unwanted. registration through https://ipass.imigrasi.go.id:8443/xpasinet/faces/InetMenu.jsp . after registration, you will be required to pay via bank bni Rp. 360.000 . after paying you can bring a requirement that we have mentioned above.

by applying online does not mean you do not wait in line at all, you are still required to wait in line for an interview, but you can save time so do not bother to fill out a form & waiting in line to pay for my passport at checkouts.

not very easy ?

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the crime of murder tersebut diancam pidana berdasarkan Article 340 kitab undang –undang hokum pidana ("Criminal Code"), which reads:

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Anyone who intentionally and with the first plan robs life of another, threatened for murder with a plan, with death penalty or imprisonment for life or for a certain time, maximum of twenty years. "

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But, Further explanation of how the crime of murder was committed against the victims, whether carried out in the same place and time, or performed at a place and time varying.

& Nbsp;

Therefore the, assumed that the murder occurred in the same time and in the same place. Dalam hal tindak pidana pembunuhan berencana tersebut dilakukan dalam satu waktu yang The purpose of the Intrusion Detection Working Group is to define data recovery services dallas for- mats and exchange procedures for sharing information of interest to intrusion detection and response systems, and to management systems which may need to interact with them. sama dan tempat yang sama, maka tindak pidana pembunuhan berencana tersebut hanya dapat dipidana dengan Article 340 Criminal Code,tanpa melihat jumlah korban yang ditimbulkan oleh tindakan tersebut. Ini karena sistem pidana Indonesia tidak mengatur penjatuhan hukuman kumulatif berdasarkan jumlah korban, but the cumulative penalties may be enforced in the event the person is doing more than 1 (one) criminal act or conduct 1 (one) act, but the act is in violation of several provisions of the criminal (Article 63 - Article 71 Criminal Code). In your case there is only 1 (one) acts in violation of 1 (one) criminal provisions of the Article 340 Criminal Code.

What are the benefits if your business has official permission ?

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1. legal protection.

if you have a business license you will avoid enforcement efforts & forcible demolition protected from unscrupulous – unscrupulous agencies concerned.

2. Can follow the project tender

if you want to follow the project in a government agency or private, must have a business license, without the permission then you are certainly not able to follow the project because it is a requirement permits the administration to follow a project tender.

3 . Trusted by consumers

to have official permission, then you will be more credible business customers . consumer confidence levels more meningkatkarena with their permission they would feel secure with the product,id / services sold.

4. sign of obedience to the law.

to have a business license you have complied with the regulations in Indonesia, & free from the snares of existing law.

5. facilitate bank loans.

have such permission SIUP can also be useful for obtaining loans to banks. & Other credit application for your business development.

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For submission to the bank credit to the value of over USD 50 Million, one of the requirements you must meet are required to have a TIN or attach. If you do not have the bank will reject your loan application submission.

The reason is not too important, for some people who already have more income, but for the people who need mortgages still much is needed for the purposes of. Examples mortgage to buy a home, credit to buy a new car, and loans for working capital.

How, if you think about important not have a TIN if the facts above reasons? L still no excuse for not managing tax ID?

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