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Tips to start a culinary business – Effort is the thing that makes us able to improve the economic,and now business food or culinary and that the trend is a restaurant is the most preferred choice to serve the business field. But to start it is not easy,because we have to have some knowledge that we will create a business that did not experience bankrupt.

Berikut 10 Tips to start a culinary business

1. Smart In the Choose Type of Food
Choose foods that dietahui & mastered the recipe along with how to make it. Starting from the ordinary to the extraordinary hard. Looks Like, if you want to open a typical restaurant Sulawesi,which provides yellow rice,then try to make a delicious yellow rice.

2. doing Research
Doing research is one important thing before starting a business,try to research on what foods are not sold in nearby you will open a business,and try in the place you do not have a rival

3. Sell ​​lah Menu Different From Others
If you open a restaurant or culinary business and have many competitors in the area you try to create some of the innovations of your restorant menu misalanya ,if your competitors sell Fried Chicken,you try to create a different menu,or if it is the same menu try a different name ,Fried oysters Laughter,which is the unique thing that makes people curious to try it.

4. Note the Regional Sales Price Neighborhood Place of Business
At the start of the culinary business try to start with the price that has to little to attract customers and provide good quality.

5. Be Friendly to Customers
Be friendly to customers is mandatory,which make people feel welcome and want to return to your restaurant,and if you have employees,The employees try to be friendly hello to all customers.

6. Notice Customer inquiry

Note the order of the customer at the time of ordering menu,because every customer has different tastes,as admin if the message meatballs always requested that are not given sauce,This meant that customers were not disappointed.

7. Keep Cleanliness Business Sites
Cleanliness is another attraction for customers,because customers will feel comfortable at mealtime when we attempt a clean and away from things that are dirty,like garbage flies and so on.

8. Make Improvement
If more and more customers or even we already have regular customers try,to hire additional employees and do magnification at the place of business to improve the quality of our business services.

9. Create Fixed Operating Hours

Create Operating Hours fixed to facilitate the customers and increase the number of regular customers by patenting lid opening hours and hours of effort kita.agar not confuse customers.

10. Make PromotionsPromotion is important in the effort,despite the high quality of our services namum nobody knows,our efforts will not be increased and therefore the power of promotion is very important,and technology era will now be easier for us to do promotions like in facebook, bc on blackberry and through the website / blog.

Similarly Posts Powerful article about 10 Tips For Starting a Business Culinary ,hopefully that will help entrepreneurs start a business, especially in the culinary field,congratulations and good luck trying.

Not a few of the parents in modern times it's very busy in their work. Surely this makes the lack of time for parents to meet or talk with their children. This is what makes the position of the child to feel less valued and this will certainly affect the formation of character and their future.

menasehati anak remaja

As a result, not a few young people who still do not know the characters themselves and the direction of their lives when they become adults. Therefore, the role of parents is very important in shaping the character of children and their future key.

Here are some tips in shaping the character of the child:

1. Spend Your Time With Your Children

This is a first step you have to do to get the child's heart. When you try to take your time for the baby, they felt his position as a child is very much appreciated. That is what will make it easier to recognize and analyze the character of your baby for example, such as eating together, go to the mall, discuss, concert together, and other things that can be used to take your time and children together.

2. Look for Some Things of Interest by Preferred and Your Child

In this stage you should be careful in beranalisa because, when you are trying to find things that they like and they are interested in you should really pay attention to the child's activities on a regular basis. Because these activities will lead you on a few things you liked and interested by the child.

But not all routine activities your kids are doing it is definitely favored and sought by the child, therefore, at this stage you need to analyze more deeply what activities your child actually prefer. When you have to get the things they like and establish a close relationship with the media, it will make the child interested in discussing with you.

3. Posisikanlah Yourself as a Friend Them and Be a Good Listener

When the child is interested and comfortable in telling stories or discuss with your, You also need to position yourself "equal" with your child. Because it will make the baby feel are considered adults and of course they will be more confident in response to a case. So it is a good listener, respond exactly what was said by the child. Because when you really listen and respond to an argument or statement will strengthen the character of the child in the process of maturation of their environment.

4. Guide Your Child to Things to Motivate Them with Modern Communication Style

In this stage, give your children the real meaning of life that basically everything must have a clear purpose and principles. Therefore give something that can motivate your child so that they fully understand the importance of a determination and confidence in running a matter. Surely this would be more easily understood by the child when you present it with a style that is easily understood by them, for it was the style of the language they use everyday so that they are more interested to understand what you are saying.

5. They give Belief and Responsibility

This stage is the most important stage in the formation of character you. Give them space to express and let your child determine a choice. Indeed it has a high risk, but you have to give them the opportunity to determine their own choice. In addition it is also the responsibility to give them, because when you give them a responsibility then the child will feel that a road and the decisions they choose it to be grounded in clear objectives so that they will do so with confidence and determination.

Some of these things certainly shows, that your role as a parent is certainly very important and a major effect on the character and mental development of your child in the process of maturation and the future of your children.

Author: Bernito Yasser Geraldo

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1. Doing things in vain

Playing games / watching TV / surf all day, eat most consistently, and even drinking, and others. We recommend that if such a, we began to take a serious side of our lives! What do we use for our daily time? Is our daily activities guide us FOR A BETTER LIFE? If not, Let us evaluate our daily activities and begin to draw up a schedule and priorities of our lives.
Supplement of agan2:Unless we play phone to take care of shanties, or businesses that produce something that is not what what
2. Complains continually

I am familiar with some of my friends are overwhelmed in his life and never stop telling it to me. Do you like it? Let's be honest with ourselves, Have you ever or even always complain about work, boss, salary, neighbor, or about his own wife? If YES, you NOTHING but only a PEMANCAR ANGER. But it is not too late to realize it and change. Remember, negativity will not change anything. It will make you get stuck in a vicious circle. So you change it thought and conversation. Talk about how you appreciate your life that just this once.
3. Do not feed the mind itself.

If you do not constantly learning and growing as a human being means you like stagnant in pools, like a swamp that can not be covered with green grass on top.
That's what happens in your mind if you are not actively looking for new things and keep learning.
Challenges positive life will develop your insight, not vice versa
4. Continue to underestimate yourself.

Speak for themselves, or at least contemplate can make a new breakthrough in our lives. As Henry Ford said “When you think you can or can not, both are TRUE”
So if you tell yourself that you can, you certainly CAN! Because of all the things we say to ourselves will be TRUE for just yourself you are able to change the fate of your own.
5. Do not have the inspiration and passion.

Do you have a passion to something? Such as sports or painting and playing music? Already, many people who do not have the passion in any event in his life. But YOU MUST HAVE A PASSION on something positive. If confused, start researching into the past you on what you've liked and try to do it back.

6. Do not have a TARGET for the future.

While we are immersed in the life TODAY, we must look ahead and define the purpose of life in the future. If you do not have a GOAL (the purpose) in life, you like a boat with GAS OUT are adrift in the ocean and just waiting for the time to SINK or wherever LAND CARRYING waves.
Start SET purpose of our lives. As GPS, our life must have a purpose and let our determination to bring us to that goal.

7. Spend time with people who are not supportive.

It is easy to assemble STUCK with people who do not give us the urge to do something new. That's what makes us unconsciously earlier stagnant (like water in a puddle). But if you are constantly stuck with these people, you will be as if drawn to continue not grow with them LIFETIME YOU. I personally like to call these people as Dracula sucking ENERGY.
Do not break the rope silaturrahmi with them but slowly move away and look for an environment with people who continue to learn and support each other. Unless you are really the same as those.
8. Addicted to playing phone.

Already, smartphones today does have all that we expect from a mobile phone. But while all of the features that mobile phones make us complacent think back to how much time we have already thrown? Such as we use daily phone 15 hour, to sleep 8 hour, then just stay 1 hours of free time we left. Smarthpone indeed much closer, but also KEEP THE NEAR if not used WITH WISDOM.

9. Throw MONEY for it is not important.

There is a big difference between NEED and WANT. Reset which you MUST buy. and the ATTRACT to you buy.
Remember the basic human needs are food and clothing BOARD, often many of us forget these basic things and wasting our money for a hobby or even tertiary another secondary. But not a few among us who already have priorities in life. Let's start setting priorities SHOPPING from now since you are reading this paragraph!

10. Lack of sleep.

I was not a general practitioner, but I've read a lot of books about the virtues of sleep. The point is sleeping very important for metabolism that affect THINKING YOU. Put your gadgets at night and sleep was when it was time!

11. Indifferent to the health of the body's own.

Not only is sleep important for our lives, EATING AND SPORTING regularly also equally important to achieve a healthy life. For those of you who still have obesity (gross) or anorexia (too skinny), LITTLE rearrange schedules and eating and exercise will give a big improvement in our lives.

12. Living in the comfort zone.

I know how easy and enjoyable to live in our comfort zone. In fact, unconsciously when we went to our favorite restaurant always order the food again and again. Not because we are afraid of other food was not tasty, but since we already COMFORTABLE with the food.
But it is not only a wide comfort zone so that the subject of my. I would like to discuss about “RISK” which will improve our lives.
And REMEMBER a difference of “RISK” and “CALCULATED RISKS”.
Risk can be deadly, but CALCULATED RISK is a decision to change that have been carefully considered by us, followed by a wise action for our lives.

13. Stuck in life you do not like.
How to measure a person's level of success is to look at happiness. Are YOU HAPPY? If not, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING! Even if you feel life has been filled or satisfied with the present does not mean you have to live the life you are living the greatest possible.
Life should INTEREST! So if we do not enjoy life, look back at the points above and look for yourself how to correct.


I post this time with respect to CSR is an extension of Corporate Social Responsibility. This relates to the responsibilities and benefits of the establishment of a company in the community both for the environment and the company's internal state. For the company's internal environment, allowances, good insurance for employees and their families is one of a small CSR, but can result in the increase of productivity and a better image for the employee's own or People who are going to apply for a job to the company.

Definition of CSR in Indonesia itself has been raised in the normative regulations in the Company Law. As mentioned in Article 74 UUPT, CSR possess a definition that is as the company's commitment to participate in the sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and environmentally beneficial, both for the company itself, local communities,
To learn more about the following CSR I Describe some understanding of CSR according to the experts and institutions :

World Business Council for sustainable development: ongoing commitment of business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development members, while improving the quality of life of employees and their families, as well as the local community and society at large.

Commision of the European Communities: Corporate social responsibility is essentially a concept whereby companies decide voluntarily to contribute in order to realize a better society and a cleaner environment.

Kicullen than Kooistra: corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the level of moral responsibility to be attributed to the company beyond compliance with state law.

Fraderick et al: corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be interpreted as a principle stating that the company should be able to be responsible for the effects deriving from any action in the community and environment.
From the definition of Maacah I try to look on the activities of one of the largest companies in Indonesia, PT. Djarum we know it is engaged in the tobacco industry and we know with the burgeoning issue of Global Warming / Global Warming very close relation to cigarette smoke cigarette consumer generated itself. However PT. Djarum seems to have some CSR movement, one of which is a program that Djarum Environmental Initiatives reforestation programs and green land erosion prevention in Indonesia, The following excerpt from the website article PT. Djarum :

"PT. Djarum through one of our Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Djarum Bakti return to action of environmental conservation. This time, dalam program bertajuk Trees for life, Djarum Bakti Environment tamarind tree planting along the road pillar-Holy Semarang. This course of action has been launched in 24 February 2010 with the presence of the Governor of Central Java.
Djarum Bakti Environment through Djarum Trees for Life Program planting 2.767 tamarind trees along the road pillar-Holy Semarang (along +/- 40 km). Trembesi chosen in addition to having the ability as a shade, as well as the tree with the highest CO2 uptake. Mature tamarind tree can absorb as much CO2 78,826,296 kg / yr. The hope is to reduce global warming and support the Government's program. "

Not only was, PT Djarum through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the field of education to contribute to the advancement of the quality of the younger generation, especially students. The CSR program which is now known by the name of Djarum Scholarship Plus program has been given to more than 6300 students at Universities / Private 24 Province.
Giving a variety of soft skills training and character development into early kekhas of Djarum Scholarship Plus program than other scholarship programs. An extraordinary provision unaccounted with material, but gives stock of a lifetime for the Beswan Djarum. This training includes three aspects,, Outbound, Leadership program, dan Practical skills and Entrepreneurship.
And that is not less important is also having an impact plume for Indonesia is the presence of PB Djarum which we know as the producer of the best athletes in the world badminton, names such as Liem Swie King, Hariyanto Arbi, Christian Hadinata and Icuk Sugiarto a PB Djarum who graduated in the Holy berletak, Central Java.

Initially for PB Djarum divide between training activities with school badminton, it is not an easy task for athletes, especially those most of these are still attending school as elementary, MIDDLE SCHOOL, and SMA. Yet, to align the two activities, PB Djarum taking steps in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture (Department of Education). Until, activities including badminton with school exercise undertaken by the athletes can run well, and do not interfere with each other.
Cooperation between PB Djarum with the Department of Education is the granting dispensation of time in school for athletes. athletes granted permission to start learning time in school is not like other students in general. They also rated the ease of obtaining permission to leave school when they have to follow the championship.
During this time the schools that have been invited to work by PB Djarum to support the academic abilities of the athletes who come from all levels of education are SD Barongan II, Junior Garden of the Gods, and SMA Kramat.

Thus my post this time, may be useful and for the companies that exist in Indonesia hopefully can have a positive impact for the betterment of the nation.


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According to the law - law, There are two ways to get the inheritance, ie : 1.As heirs according to the provisions of law - law
2.Because designated in the will (testament).

The first way is called inherited "by - laws" or "ab intestato". While the second method is called the heir to "testamentair".

In inheritance laws apply basic, that when one dies, then instantly switch all the rights and obligations of all heirs.
This principle stated in a French proverb that reads : "Seize the living dead",

whereas the measurement of all the rights and obligations of the deceased by the heir was called "saisine". Beneficiary is every person entitled to the assets of the testator and shall complete the debt - debt.

The rights and obligations arising after the testator dies. Inheritance rights was based on marital relationships, cognation, and wills, which is set in - laws.

But legataris not beneficiaries, Although he is entitled to inheritance heir, as part limited to the rights to certain objects without obligation.

Article 833 Signs 1 KUHPdt stated that all heirs by itself because of legal property rights over all the assets of the deceased (heir).

Article 874 KUHPdt also stated that all the wealth of those who died belonged to all the heirs according to law - law, it's just a testament to not be taken by a statute invalid.

The provisions of Article - Article above is essentially based on the principle of "le mort saisit le vif", which has been called upon. Which means the people who died holding on to people who are still alive.

This principle implies that every object must be an owner. Each beneficiary is entitled to demand and fight for the rights of his heirs, according to Article 834 B.W.

A beneficiary is entitled to claim any effort whatsoever including inheritance and died handed to her by her rights as beneficiary (boundaries of a claim).

Rights prosecution prosecution resembles rights an owner of an object, and according to the prosecution's point should be addressed to the person who controls a heritage object with the intent to have it.

Therefore the, The prosecution can not be addressed on a course that was only houder, namely that the hang of it by a legal relationship with the deceased, eg rent.

The prosecution can not be addressed to a Executeur - testamentair or a curator of a heritage that is not manageable.

A beneficiary who exercise their right to such prosecution, enough to file a lawsuit in the letter, that he is the heir of the deceased to return the requested items including relics.

According to Article 1066 Signs 2 KUHPdt each beneficiary can claim the division of the estate, although there is no prohibition to do it.

So, heritage property may not be left in the condition is not divisible unless agreed not held division, and even this is not longer than five years.

While the beneficiary is entitled to inherit, where basically everyone though a newborn baby is competent to inherit only by law – law has established that there are people breaking their actions, inappropriate (unworthy) inherit.

It is specified in Article 838 KUHPdt deemed not fit to be a beneficiary, thus excluded from inheritance is :

1. those who have been convicted have been blamed for killing, or try to kill the heir;

2. those with the judge's decision was blamed for slander has made heir heir that has committed a crime punishable with imprisonment 5 (lime) years or more severe punishment;

3. they were forcibly prevented heir to make or revoke a will;

4. those who had embezzled, ruin, or fabricating wills heir.

Moreover, by law – law has established that there are people - people who are in touch with the office or employment, maupu relationship with the deceased, not allowed to receive the benefits of a will made by the deceased.

They are, Two of them are notaries who make wills it as well - witnesses who attended testament making it, pastors who serve or physician who treated the deceased during the last illness.

Even the grant beneficiary in a will to the people -people may be a mediator of person - this person ("Tussenbiede dependents") reversible.

As people - those intermediaries by - laws considered children - children and wives of people - people who are not allowed to accept the inheritance and it tastement.

Furthermore, in Article 912 set of reasons - reasons under section 838 abovementioned, cause a person should not be a beneficiary.

Applies also as obstacles to be able to receive grants - grants in a testament, except in article 912 no mention of people who have tried to kill the person who left a legacy.

If the deceased was evident in his will still leave a legacy of a man who has done so, it was regarded as a "forgiveness" of that person.


In chapter 832 KUHPdt stated that according to the law – The law is entitled to become beneficiaries, the family blood, both legitimate and outside marriage, and the husband or wife who lived the longest.

In terms of, whenever either by blood, as well as the longest living between husband and wife, nothing, then all the treasures of the deceased, belong to the state, which authorities will pay off all his debts, a sufficient price for the property peniggalan.

Then Menurt Article 874 KUHPdt declared all treasures someone who died, all belong to the heirs according to law - law, it's just a testament to the already passed a resolution that authorized.

According to Article 836 KUHPdt expressed by considering the provisions of Article 2 KUHPdt, so that it can act as an heir, one must have been born, at the time of inheritance falls meluang.

Where Article 2 KUHPdt states that a child in the womb of a woman, considered to have been born, whenever the interests of the child demands it,

But when the death of a newborn, it is assumed he had never been there. So according to the article - the article above conditions - conditions of beneficiaries is as follows :

1. have rights to inheritance and heir, arising from :

a. cognation (Article 832 B.W.)
b. because a will (Article 874 B.W.)

2. must already exist and are still there when the testator dies (Article 836 B.W.), with regard to the provisions of Article 2 B.W. 3. beneficiaries not a specified person should not be receiving an inheritance or who refuse inheritance,

The Article provides for the people who do not fit into beneficiaries, namely Article 838 B.W. which has been mentioned above in the previous section .

if we review the inheritance of the terms mentioned above, then there will be a question, how if between two people who are heir died in the same time?

Of the provisions of Article 831 B.W. can be seen in case of two or more similar or mutually heir died in the same time or in the same time but can not be proven who dies first then between the two are not mutually inherit.



In order to determine the rights and obligations of beneficiaries is important for us to know the rights and obligations of the beneficiary.

Heir rights arising before the opening of the heritage in the sense that the beneficiary dies before the right to express their will in a testament or codicil.

Content and testament can be :

1. Erfstelling, namely the appointment of one or a few people become heirs to get most or all of the legacy. Designated person named testamentair erfgenaam (beneficiaries under a will).

2. Bequest, is the granting of rights to someone on the basis of special or will tastement. Giving it can be :

a. ( rights) one or a few specific objects;

b. ( rights) the whole of a particular kind of object;

c. ( vruchtgebruik upper right portion / entire legacy (Article 957 KUHpdt).

The testator's obligation is determined pembatsan of their rights - laws.

He should heed their legitieme portie, that a certain part of the legacy that can not be eliminated by the person who left a legacy.

Rights beneficiaries can be itemized as follows: Once open legacy, beneficiaries are given the right to determine the attitude:

1. Receives the full (pure acceptance), which can be done explicitly or otherwise. Firmly that if the reception is expressed in a certificate containing its acceptance as an heir.

Both are silent - silent,or overtly, if the beneficiary is guilty of misconduct receipt as beneficiary and such actions should reflect the act of acceptance to spend heritage,(receive) namely by taking, sell or pay off debt - debt heir.

2. Receive the reserve (the right to change) Privilege of estate beschriyving atau beneffeciare acceptance. It should be stated at the District Court Clerk in place of inheritance open.

The most important result in this beneficare inheritance is that the obligation to pay off debt - debt and other burdens the testator is limited such that the repayment is limited by the power of inheritance,

in this case means that the beneficiary does not have to bear the payment of debt with own property, if greater debt heir of his possessions.

The obligations - the obligations of a beneficiary beneficiair, is :

a. shall register their inheritance within 4 (four) months later he expressed his will to the Court of Justice, that he inherited in beneficiair.

b. Manage the heritage as well - good.

c. Soon - soon finalize arrangements heritage ("Dewa Made Suartha estate to bring evenness").

d. When asked by everyone creditor must provide assurance to the prices of things - moving objects with objects - objects that do not move are not submitted to the people - people who hold Hypothek berpiutang.

and. Provide an answer to all debt collectors and people - people who received grants in legaat.

This work in the form of calculating price and income - income that may be obtained,
if the goods - goods sold heritage and to what percentage of accounts receivable - receivables and legaten it can be met.

f. Calling people - people who are not famous berpiutang,in official newspapers. 3.Refuse heritage. This is possible if we find that the amount of wealth in the form of debt obligations is greater than the right to inheritance.

Rejection shall be done with a statement to the local District Court Clerk. Obligation beneficiaries, among others :

• maintain the integrity of the heritage property before the inheritance is divided.
• find ways division in accordance with the provisions and other - other.
• repay debt heir if the testator meniggalkan.
• implementing a will if there.



There are two kinds of beneficiaries stipulated in the law – Heirs of the law based on marital relations and filiation, and Heirs by testament.

Heirs of the first-mentioned Heirs ab intestato, while the second is called Heirs testamentair.

Heirs ab intestato stipulated in article 832 KUHPdt, stated that the right to be the Heir is the blood family and wife (husband) which masiih life and if this is all there is no, hence entitled to Heirs is National.

The question is who are the included in incestuous families entitled to inherit it? To answer that we can see in B.W., The Heir On the 29th of April 2014, per ton Middle school closings was inspected by the Food Standards Agency, where it received the highest score possible. divided into 4 (four) class of beneficiaries, ie:

Category I :

This group consists of children and descendants down indefinitely and their widows or widowers. According to the provisions of article 852 KUHPdt, children - even children born out of wedlock different time and different, men - men or women get equal parts, heir head for the sake of the head.

Children - children who inherit in lieu of father (mother) heir stake for the sake of saplings.

Saplings are all children of a beneficiary who is entitled menerrima, but had died prior. Then the neighbor child adoption, Ali Afandi, S.H. stated that the parallel position adopted children as children born in marriage people who adopt.

According to the provisions of article 852 a KUHPdt, part of a wife (husband) if there is a child of the deceased parkawiannya same as part of a child who died.

If marriage is not the first marriage and the marriage of old there were also children, maka baigan dari istri (husband) it can not be more than the smallest part of your child - children's heir.

However a wife can not be more than a quarter of the estate. What is meant by the "smallest" it is part of a child with the provisions of a will can be different - different, origin is not less than legitieme portie.

Further in the article 852 b KUHPdt, determined that if the wife (husband) heir together - with people - other people of the children - the children or descendants of the first marriage, then he can pull the whole or part of household furniture in his power.

What is meant by "people - other people of the child - the child" is the person - the person who is designated by the Beneficiary for wills.

Price of home furnishings that must be subtracted from the wife inheritance (husband) it. If it costs more bazaar than his share price then the excess price must be paid in advance to friends (or) heirs.

Group II :

This group is comprised of father and / or the mother of the heir and his brother and his descendants until the degree to 6 (more).

According to the provisions of article 854 KHUPdt, when a person dies without leaving descendants and wife (husband), while the father and mother are still alive, it is entitled to inherit the father, mother, and brother as follows :

a.bapak and their mothers – each receive one-third of the legacy hrta, If he only had a sister, which have the third most,

b.bapak and mother respectively - each got a quarter of the estate, If he has more of a brother, which gets two and a quarter at most.

Further in the article 855 KUHPdt determined that if the person who died without leaving descendants and wife (husband), while the father or mother is still alive, then :

a. Father or mother gets one-half of the estate, If he only had a sister, which gets half lebihnya ;

b. Father or mother gets one-third of the estate, and if he has two sisters, which gets two-thirds of the surplus ;

c. Father or mother gets a quarter of the estate, If he has more than two brothers, which receives three-quarters lebihnya.

If the father and mother had died, then the whole estate became part relatives - (Article 856 KUHPdt).

The division between siblings - brother is the same, if they had the same father and mother.(namunberlainan father or mother, the division is only by sharing only between a husband or wife )

When they come from different marriages (the same father but different mothers, or the same mother but different father), then the estate is divided into two.

The first part is for the line bagin father and the second part is a part of the maternal line.

Brothers - brothers who have the same father and mother got the part of the part of the father and maternal lines.

Brother - brother who just sebapak or may Baian from the same mother father or maternal line only (Article 857).

When the people who died did not leave descendants wife or husband, brother, while the father or mother is still alive.

So the father or mother surviving son who inherits the entire inheritance passed away it (Article 859 KUHPdt)

Group III :

This group consists of family incest by a straight line to the top.

According to the provisions of Article 853 and Article 858 KUHPdt when the person who died was not leaving descent, or the wife or husband, brother - brother, or parents, and the inheritance falls to grandparents.

In this case the legacy it was split into two.
One part was given to grandparents who derived the father and one part again given to grandparents who lowered mother.

When grandparents no, and the inheritance falls to parents grandparents (kake grandparents).

If that is not the only grandparents, hence the fall in the lineage, and become part of the living.

Nearby heirs rank in a straight line to the top, gets half the inheritance in line with his exclude all other heirs.

All family incest in a straight line up to the same degree for the sake of the head gets begian head (the same section).

Group IV :

This group consists of laterally by blood in the line further to the degree to 6 (more).

When the people who died did not leave descendants, helpmate, brother - brother, parents, grandma and grandpa, then according to the provisions of Article 853 and Article 858 Signs 2 KUHPdt heritage falls on the nearest Heirs on each line.

If there are some people who are in the same, the inheritance is divided by equal parts.

Family incest in line deviates more from the degree to 6 (more) not inherited.

If the line of no family in degrees that allow blood to inherit, then all blood relatives in another line to obtain the entire inheritance (Article 861 KUHPdt).

When everyone is entitled to inherit nothing else, then the entire inheritance can be sued by the child outside marriage recognized.

When a child out of wedlock that they have also no, the whole inheritance falls on the State (Article 873 Signs 1 and Article 832 Signs 2 KUHPdt).

With the enactment – No marriage law. 1 Year 1974 the inheritance of children outside marriage although recognized, irrelevant. Bye – Proviso. 1 year 1974 just know that the legitimate child and the child outside marriage (Invalid).

Legitimate child is Heir, while a child outside marriage is only entitled to inherit from the mother who gave birth and by blood from the mother's side.

5. HEIRS NOT inheritable

According to the provisions of Article 838 KUHPdt, which are considered inappropriate to Heirs and is therefore not entitled to inherit :

1. those who have been convicted have been blamed for killing or attempting to kill the heir.

2. those with the judge's decision was blamed for the defamation complaint against the heir mengajajukan about a crime punishable with imprisonment 5 (lime) years or more severe punishment.

3. they were forcibly prevented booting or revoke the beneficiary of his will.

4. those who had embezzled, destroying or falsifying conditions testament testator. Unlike the KUHPdt is customary inheritance law.

According to Prof description. Hilman Adikusuma, S.H. (1980) one who has sinned against his heir when it is forgiven, it still receives inheritance, means it is still entitled to inherit.

Meanwhile, according to Islamic law, people who are not entitled to inherit is:

1. killer heir, based on the hadith narrated by Ap-Tirmidhi, Ibnmajah, Abu Dawud, Am-Masaai.

2. apostates are out of Islam, based on the hadith narrated by Abu Mehnagar.
3. people of different faiths and heir, ie those not embrace Islam or infidels, based on the hadith narrated by Bukhari, Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, At-Tirmidhi.

4. bastard, ie thistles are born because of a relationship outside marriage, based on the hadith narrated by At-Tirmidhi.

There is also no right to inherit the heirs who refuse heritage in Article 1058 determined that a beneficiary who refuses heritage has never been considered to be the Heir.
Rejection retroactive to the time of death of the heir.

According to Article 1059 KUHPdt part of Heirs who reject it falls on other heirs, as - if beneficiaries who reject it never existed.

According to Article 1057 KUHPdt denial of inheritance must be stated emphatically dikepaniteraan District Court. According to Article 1062 KUHPdt also stated that the right to refuse inheritance can not fall because of the expiration.

Rejection heritage must voluntarily on their own, when rejection occurs and coercion or fraud, then according to Article 1065 KUHPdt rejection can be canceled (abolished).

But voluntary refusal can not be done with reason do not want to pay debt.

The detection of such, according to Article 1061 KUHPdt judge may authorize the creditors of beneficiaries who refuses to name the successor to inherit.


KUHPdt distinguish between beneficiaries "uit eigen hoofed" and heirs "bij plaasvervulling".

Heirs "uit eigen hoofed" is the heir inheritance by his own position of heir,eg child heir ,wife / husband heir.

Beneficiaries "bij plaasvervulling" is the heir successor on the person entitled heir had died earlier than the heir.

Suppose a father died earlier than grandpa, the children's father died replace his father as heir of his grandfather.

This replacement occurs in the bottom line and the case indefinitely. Each beneficiary who died before being replaced by his children.

If more than one child as his successor, the reimbursement is calculated as a branch, means all children who replaces it to get the same section.

Replacement may also occur in families in the side line. Each brother heir to both siblings and half-brothers, if died first, succeeded by his son. This replacement can also be indefinitely.

Each replacement counted as one branch (discontinuation).

According to the provisions of article 841 KUHPdt replacement is right that give to someone to replace a deceased Heirs labih advance of the heirs to act as a substitute in degrees and in the predecessor.

This reimbursement under section 842 KUHPdt only occur in a straight line down indefinitely, whereas Article 843 KUHPdt manyatakan in a straight line to the top there is no replacement.

In case no replacement, then under section 846 KUHPdt division performed stake for the sake of saplings .


As the times, business may be easier to do. Now, business or open a business, can be done by online. Most people already opened chances in social media to sell goods / services to its target market of its respective. Yet, not a few online businesses rely solely on gadgets and provider Just to start a business. Basically, there are many other important things to note.

bisnis online

Toko online - Is

The following is 10 important things to consider to start an online business:

1. Goods / Services

Define and think carefully about what goods or services that you sell in your shop online later. Adjust also with the target market of your sales target. Choose the one item that is unique and has a rival that is not too much. Also follow the trend of the development of local communities.

2. Price

Determine the price according to the economic level of the target market: As much as possible, You have to adjust the price of the goods you are selling to the economic level of your target market and also adapted to the quality of the goods.

3. Honesty

Goods that you sell must be in accordance with the photos you uploaded in social media where you sell. Because Of, not infrequently online shop less than honest in business so many customers who feel disadvantaged in terms of the.

4. Patience

As A admin from your own online business, You must be patient in dealing with fussy customers, keep them comfortable shopping at online shop.

5. Fast response

The faster and more clear that the response you gave, You will get a plus in the eyes of the customer. It is usually also very dependent on provideryou use.

6. Choosing the right freight forwarder

Choosing the proper service and safe delivery, so you do not have to worry whether the item will arrive in good condition or not.

7. Endorse the right strategy

When you want to promote goods that you sell in a way to endorse the artist, choosing the right artist and according to your target market, not only because of the amount of any followersnya, but also an opportunity for you to get feedbackappropriate.

8. Special Event/Give Away

Make the event special offer rebates or "Discount", and also "Give Away" to attract your customers at certain times. Example, when approaching the holidays like Eid, Christmas, New Year and others.

9. Testimonial

Try to always provide a special place for testimonials that can accommodate criticism and advice from your own customers.

10. Good financial management

Management and financial control of Your online business regularly every month, so that you can determine the extent to which the development of the online shop. Start of investment to turnover and also generate profits.


in the world of work , many people who want to achieve a high position in the company where he worked. one of them is a way to get rid of colleagues / profession in a firm friend . types such as whether you should stay away from ? refer to the article below

1. Eloquent.
Eloquent means he likes bersilat tongue and twists the words. They would say, and then turn it into a b without any guilt. Even, He also did not hesitate to slander his colleagues. So beware with co-workers who have traits like this.

2. Makes you feel guilty.
This type is always trying to make you feel you've made a mistake. It willgrumble length about your job, then pretend to justify when you have a good job. When your arguments with, he would not budge and makes you increasingly feel guilty. Weh ... terrible yah? 🙂

3. Tailor ngadu.
This type is similar to the type licker, it's just more to action. He did not hesitate to denounce his colleagues mistake to his superiors. Yet he also made the same mistake. This is one way that the mistake was not seen by the boss. Must be vigilant same nih this person.! 😀

4. Licking and praise you.
Beware if there are colleagues who often or almost every day to pay tribute to you. Such co-workers just want to control you with songs of praise that you do what it wants. This is the way that you feel happy and close to him. But it is not possible after the close, he just stabbed you in the back. Be careful to discriminate in choosing colleagues.! 😉

5. Like Lying.
This is annoying and very dangerous. Especially if he has a great power in a company. He would lie and boasting that other people trust him. Once you've believed him, then straightway he will drop and you. So, be aware.! 🙂

source : http://ciricara.com/2012/03/16/ciricara-ciri-ciri-rekan-kerja-yang-â€Â~berbahaya’/

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The following Glossary of terms in banking :

Collateral (Collateral). Security is submitted to the bank debtors in order granting credit facilities or financing

Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Machine with a computer system that is activated by magnetic cards or coded bank bercode. Through these machines, customers can save, take cash, transferring funds between accounts, and other routine transactions.

Bilyet. Form, and other written evidence that can prove the transaction, contains information or orders to pay.

Bank Interest (Interest). A number of benefits granted by banks to customers on funds deposited in a bank which is calculated at a certain percentage of the principal deposits and term deposits araupun interest rate charged to pinjamgn given to debtors.

Check ( Check). Written instruction to the bank to withdraw a certain amount of funds in his name or bearer.

Black list (Black List). List the name of an individual customer or company sanctioned arena has made certain actions that merugkan banks and community.

Time Deposit ( Time Deposit). Deposits that can be withdrawn only at certain times based on an agreement with the bank depositors

Round ( Current Accounts). Simapanan which may be withdrawn at any time by check, transfer form, forms of payment order, or by transfer.

Collection (Collection). Billing checks, notes and other debt securities, issuers of securities and receives payment from the payer's bank (paying bank).

Bank Guarantee (Bank Guarantee). Guarantee payments made to the beneficiaries of the guarantee, when the secured party does not fulfill its obligations.

Debit Card (Debit Card). Bank card used to pay for a transaction and / or intersting amount of funds at the expense of the card holder's account is concerned with the use of a PIN (Personal Identification Number) .

Credit Card (Credit Card). Cards issued by banks or credit card management company which entitles people who meet certain requirements ang name printed on the card to use it sebahai credit payment instrument for the acquisition of goods or services, or to withdraw cash in the credit limit as set by the bank or credit card management company.

Shipments Fund (Fund Transfer). Is the transfer of funds between related accounts or to third party accounts. Foreign remittances between financial institutions and other financial institutions sender as receiver.

Clearing (Clearing). Calculation of debts among participants centrally somewhere in a way betray securities and trading securities that have been set to be taken into account.

Safe Deposit Box (Safe Doposit Box). Deposit box rental services such property or securities that are designed specifically from steel material and placed in a chamber repertoire solid, resistant and flame-retardant loading to maintain the security of goods stored and provide security for users.

Credit (Credit). Provision of money or bills that buffer equivalent based on agreements between bank borrowing with other parties that requires the borrower to repay the debt after a certain period with interest.

LPS (LPS). Legal entity conducting the guarantee of Simpana customers.

PIN ( Personal Identification Number). Secret number that is given to cardholders (credit card, ATM card, Debit cards and so on) the code number can be provided by a bank or finance company or determined by the cardholder.

Know Your Customer (Know Your Customer). Principle applied your bank to find out the identity of a client and monitor customer transactions.

Debtor Information System (SID). The system provides information about the debtor which is produced from a report by Bank Indonesia diterma debtor of the reporting institution.

Savings (saving). Simapanan which may be withdrawn in accordance with certain agreed conditions, but it can not be withdrawn by check, transfer form, and / or other equivalent means of the.

Transfer / remittance. Services to send money from one account owner to another account holder or owner of the same account, from one city to another or to the same city, in Rupiah or foreign currency.

Customer Service Unit (Customer Relation). Section or unit of the bank that is responsible for answering questions and solving customer complaints encountered. This unit is usually called unti customer service or for customer service over the phone called the call center.

Collateral. Long-term loan obtained to purchase a home that is personally handed over legal ownership of the lender to the borrower after the loan is returned.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Machines that process a withdrawal and deposit of funds to and from savings accounts, credit card cash withdrawal and some payments (eg utility bill). Accessible account with ATM card, credit card or debit card.

Asset. Goods that have high value (eg house, ground, the car), private property or company.

Credit Limit Limit the maximum amount that can be charged to the card account certain.

Free Checks A check can be considered "free" when the amount deducted (reduced) from the payer's account and included (added) to the beneficiary's account.

Financial Costs This term covers the total cost of credit, including interest and all other costs specified as a condition of credit by financial institutions as creditors. The cost of these costs may include the cost of services, late fees, transaction costs and other expenses-other.

Service Fees monthly fee charged by financial institutions to handle an account.

Credit Bureau A credit reporting agency that checks credit information and save the file on the applicant and credit users.

Savings Book A book given by financial institutions to savers to deposit notes, withdrawals and interest earned by saving.

Compound Interest Interest computed on the principal and interest has increased.

Annual Percentage interest (BPT) The annual interest bill can be applied to the credit card balance is not paid. It is part of the total cost of credit.

Interest fees charged for the use of money. Interest payable, for example, by personal to financial institutions for credit card use, or by the private financial institutions on deposits the money in a savings account. Interest expressed by the term Annual Percentage Rate (BPT).

Flower Introduction Some credit card use as a promotional interest introductory special offer. After some time, interest rate back to the default level.

Checks written document that instructs a financial institution that issued the sum of money from the account of the author.

Check Soar (check returned) Check the "bounced back" is a check cashing or payment rejected by financial institutions. This can be caused because the account is closed or the balance available is insufficient amount indicated on the check. Insufficient funding (non sufficient fund, NSF) is one of the reasons the check is returned

Charge Card Plastic Card with a credit facility that is usually not limited. Card pay / bill must be paid in full at the end of each billing cycle.

Cyberbanking. Internet banking service. Financial institutions with branches sites allow customers to check balances, pay bills, transferring funds, compare savings plan, and apply for a loan on Internet.

Should. The term accounting for the amount of money borrowed by individuals or institutions; a bill that is deducted from an account.

Credit Facility Loans to private, business or institution.

Gift. Some credit cards offer free fly, free fuel, or other prizes. The prize is also referred to as a membership program

Financial Institution A company where you can deposit, borrow or exchange money.

Payment Schedule There are two credit card payment options, ie the minimum payment every month, or full payment.

Everything collateral accepted by financial institutions as collateral if the debtor does not repay the loan. If the debtor fails to repay the loan, financial institution is entitled to take such guarantee. Usually in the form of real estate collateral (home) or property such as cars.

Affinity cards credit cards affiliated with third parties who will benefit from the added value of each transaction. For example, an alumni association or museum acquired portion / percentage of all transactions that are charged to the credit card owned joint members of the organization.

Bank card credit or debit card issued by a financial institution.

Business cards credit cards for small business owners. Business expenses charged to this card to simplify bookkeeping and tax preparation.

Chip Card / Smart Card Card issued by financial institutions with an electronic chip embedded in them that can be filled with a variety of programs such as the function of a credit card or debit card and repeat buyers or reward program.

Card co-brand credit cards connected with such third party retailers or flight, which offers a rebate, discounts or value-added benefit to users based on the value of the rupiah bill of purchase within a certain period of time

Debit card payment cards or cards that can be used to purchase goods and services electronically. This card replaces cash or checks. Transactions directly deducted from a savings account or checking account / check card holders. Debit cards can use the signature or enter a PIN number into a device.

Credit card is a plastic card that gives access to credit facilities. Users are given a credit limit, but are not required to pay once every month. On the other hand, The minimum payment would cause the balance of "spinning" or increase in interest expense.

Purchase card credit card companies used to make purchases with a medium or small value. & With this card, the company does not need to issue a purchase order. Orders made directly to the provider incorporated and paid with a card purchase.

Card Prepaid Card that stores the value of the Rupiah. This card can be used for purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs in accordance with the value of the rupiah was in it before the card is discarded or recharged.

Bankruptcy A legal declaration of a state of bankruptcy. This statement can prevent foreclosure, acquisition, withholding and payment of debt. Bankruptcy can not erase a bad history account and become a part of history that accounts for many years, depending on the bankruptcy law of the country concerned. This situation was usually not erase child support, alimony, fine, tax and student loan obligations.

Debt Obligations In financial terms, borrowed money that must be repaid to the individual, business or institution.

In the credit business, Credit is the purchase or loan with the promise of repayment at a later date. At any credit plan, There creditors (personal, financial institutions, store or company whose money borrowed). In bookkeeping, there is a record amount of money belonging to private or institutional.

Credit Report A report on the level of debt and consumer bill payment behavior. Information for the report submitted to the credit reporting agencies (or credit bureaus) of individual creditors. Agent will generate a report and submit it to the lender and others with permission from consumers.

Annual tuition fees are charged once a year for possession of a credit card. Some credit card providers offer a credit card with no annual fee. Annual dues, with interest and other charges are part of the total cost of credit.

Grace Period The period before interest is added to the purchase of new.

Currency Currency everything that is used as a common medium of exchange. Practically, currency means cash, especially banknotes. Bankers often use the proverbial coin and currency which refers to cents and dollars.

Stopping Payment Request to the financial institution not to pay certain checks. As soon silakukan, then checks will not be charged to the account of the payer. for this kind of service charge.

Interest Calculation Method interest calculation method is based on credit card balances. Can be charged per day or per month and includes interest from the unpaid balance.

Capital A collection of wealth that can be used or are available to produce more wealth.

Personal Introduction Numbers (PIN) A special number given by the bank to the holder of an ATM card or credit card that is typed on the ATM machine to withdraw money or the trading terminal for the purchase of goods.

Minimum Payment The minimum amount of dollars to be paid every month, used to 2 to 3 percent of the loan amount, based on the average daily balance.

Automatic payment of utilities Company (Public subscription companies like Electricity, phone, dll), loan payments, and other businesses can use the automatic payment system in which the bills are paid directly by memotongt funds from bank account.

Refinance the loan agreement in order to change the terms of repayment in accordance with the bias current of the borrower's income and ability to restore. Refinancing usually provide a lower interest rate and monthly payment amount smaller.

You can move the displacement balance of your credit card balances to a new credit card. Ideally, The new card offers a lower cost.

Withdrawal Check Excessive A check written by the amount of money that exceeds the amount in the account. When a financial institution refuses to cash a check is, then the check is declared "bounced back"

Cash sums of money withdrawn from the account.

Forms Identity Theft fraud where the consumer financial information obtained illegally to make purchases and unauthorized transactions with their credit card, or withdraw funds from a savings account or checking account their.

Personal receiver or a company to whom the check is drawn; someone who receives money as payment.

Credit Rating Evaluation of a financial institution as to whether someone deserves credit. Credit ratings are usually based on individual character, ability to pay and capital.

Purveyor person or a company to deposit money into an account.

Personal payer or a company who wrote the check; someone who gives money as payment.

Initial principal amount borrowed money, paid, or invested before interest added.

Account Money deposited in a financial institution for investment purposes and / or secure storage.

Joint account savings account or checking account made by more than one name. For example, a parent / child, husband and wife.

Demand Deposit Account Account used by the customer to save money, and to write a check. Sometimes there is a fee charged if the minimum requirements are not met.

Account Savings Account that earns interest as a replacement for the use of the money saved. Savers are usually allowed to save or withdraw money multiple times.

The balance amount of unpaid bills. In banking, balance refers to the amount of money in an account. In credit, balance refers to the amount of debt.

Average Daily Balance Financial institutions measure and calculate the average debt per day of your billing cycle, and using the average amount to determine the amount of interest on your debt for the month. Each financial institution uses a different way of doing this calculation.

Direct Deposit Earnings (or the payment of government) automatically and electronically deposited into the account thus saving time, energy and money.

Deposit Slip Slip which gives information about the number of banknotes, coins and checks to be deposited into a specific account

Strip Magnet black strip on credit cards, debit card or ATM card. This strip contains basic account information in the form of computer code, such as the holder's name and account number.

Percent Interest Rate, per unit of time, of the total loan amount charged by a bank or financial institution for the use of their money. Credit card interest can be calculated per year, per month or per day.

Requirements A time period and the interest rate is set between the lender and the borrower to repay the loan

Fixed rate interest rates unchanged. Annual Percentage interest (BPT) usually a fixed rate.

Periodic Interest Rate A variable interest rate can go up or down every quarter and affects both financial bills and the minimum credit card payment due.

Changing Interest Rate. The interest rate may change periodically.

Transactions at point of sale receipt of ATM card / debit or credit card at the store retailers and restaurants as a means of payment for goods or services.

Cash Money in the form of notes and coins. In banking, an activity pay check "check cashing"

All the money that is generally known as a medium of exchange.

Electronic Cash electronic payment system as a replica / replacement of all payment systems - cash, check, credit card, debit cards and coins.

The mention of an insurance agreement is binding to an insured to receive a premium as a replacement in case of loss, damage, or loss of expected benefits that are likely to be suffered in the event of an incident that happened to him

Customs indirect taxes on goods import and export with the letters as evidence, and others according to the rules of each.

Check warrant is not conditional to the bank to pay a certain amount of money, at the time the letter was delivered to him, and that the warrant was valid as a check, contents must meet the conditions laid down in law, which shall include the word "check".

Dividend Part of profit paid to shareholders as profit sharing.

Borrow endorsement endorsement Name conducted Endosan by simply allowing the use of his name to help others raise funds through the sale of draft, Although not concerned over the draft, Endosan remain liable under the law.

Fiduciary A person or entity that controls the goods entrusted to manage, eg administrators, director, etc..

Savings on bank current accounts, which may be withdrawn at any time by using the check, other payment warrant, or by way of transfer of the books.

The market price of the market value of securities or other commodities are determined based on market supply and demand.

Irrevocable Credit; Irrevocable Letter of Credit Letter-credit can not be changed or withdrawn or canceled without the consent of all the parties concerned.

Junior Security bonds or mortgage secured by a property that has been burdened one or more bonds issued earlier

Acceleration Clause A clause in the contract stating that the seller may demand immediate payment in full of the remaining unpaid if the buyer fails to pay the outstanding installments

Liquidity The ability of a person or company to meet the obligations or debt that must be paid immediately with the smooth treasure

Capital Assets used to generate additional wealth

The contract note or memorandum memorandum given to the brokers who sell or buy shares

Bonds Debt securities with a maturity of more than one year and tribes particular interest, issued by the company to withdraw funds from the public, in order to finance the company or by the government for its budget

Brokerage Intermediary in trade appointed and sworn; in having agreements, These intermediaries acting for and on behalf of the receiving provisional pengamanat. With pengamanat he did not have a working relationship which remains or so-called brokers.

Mutual Fund investments containers containing funds from a number of investors in which money is invested in it in various investment products by an Investment Management Company

Letter stock ownership proof bagain capital limited liability company providing various rights under its articles of association

Effective Interest Rate The interest rate actually charged in a year, if the rate charged once a year, the nominal interest rate is equal to the effective interest rate

Advance Payment of a portion of the price by the buyer to the seller as a sign that the purchase agreement are held to have increased

Foreign currency payment instruments and tools other foreign liquid

Valuable scrip Scripless with certain nominal value which serves as money, such as Bank Indonesia Certificate, Money Market Securities, round, check, and so on

Yields are expressed as percent Acceptance obtained from the investment (FKW)

Clearing (of English clearinghouse) as a term in the world of banking and finance showed an activity that runs from the time of the agreement for a transaction until completion of the deal.

Interest is compensation for lending money. This fee is a compensation to the lender on the future benefits of the loan money if invested. Total loans tersbut called "principal debt" (principal). Percentage of debt principal paid as compensation ( flower ) within a certain period called "interest rate"

Foreign exchange market (England: foreign exchange market, forex) or abbreviated forex market is a kind of trade or transactions of a country's currency against other currencies (pair / pair) involving major financial markets in the world for 24 continuous hours

The premium is the amount of money that must be paid each month as a liability of the insured for its involvement in insurance. The amount of premium for participating in insurance to be paid has been set by the insurance company to pay attention to the circumstances of the insured.

Credit is a financial facility that allows a person or entity to borrow money to buy a product and pay it back within the prescribed period.

The debtor is a party owes to other parties, usually by receiving something from debtor to creditor promised to be repaid in the future. Lending sometimes requires also a guarantee or collateral from the debtor. If a debtor fails to pay the promised deadline, a formal collection process can be carried out that sometimes allow confiscation of property of the debtor to force payment.

Creditors are parties ( individual, organization, company or government) who have bills to other parties (the second) of property or services rendered (usually in the form of a contract or agreement) in which both parties agreed that it will return the same value property or services. The second party is referred to as the borrower or borrowers.
In short it can be said that the party granting credit or loans to other parties.

Audit or examination in a broad sense meaningful evaluation of an organization, system, process, or products. Audit carried out by the competent, objectives, and impartial, called auditors. The goal is to verify that the subject of the audit has been completed or run in accordance with the standards, regulation, and practices that have been approved and accepted.

Global bond is international bonds or government securities issued by a country in a foreign currency. Unlike the official debts (government loans from donor countries), global bond is not binding as formal loans, where its use has been determined allocation.

Counterparty or more commonly known as counterparty , is a term used in the legal and financial bnidang which means "party to a contract or sometimes also referred to the" counterparty ". Everyone who ably law or legal entity may be a counterparty.
Usually when mentioned the existence of a treaty partner ballast means there is a potential for conflict between them. Ideally, a contract will spell out in detail and clearly the rights and obligations of each party in each condition. However this is not always the case, therefore a lot of legal rules governing the legal treatment on ballast partners, and many jurisprudence (particularly in the common law system) which refers to the legal precedent

Financial ratio is a financial analysis tool a company. Financial ratios consisted of a comparison of financial data contained in the financial statements (balance, income statement, cash flow statement).

Derivative is a bilateral contract or reimbursement agreements whose value is derived or derived from products that become "main reference" or also called "derivative works" (underlying product); of trade or physically converting an asset, market participants made an agreement to exchange money, asset or a value sector in the future with respect to the reference asset subject.

The financial market is a mechanism that allows people to easily buy and sell transactions of a financial security (such as stocks and bonds), commodity ( such as metals or agricultural products ) and others

Capital Markets is a trading activities associated with capital, such as bonds and securities. Capital market serves to connect investors, companies and government institutions through long-term financial instruments trading.

The stock market is a market for trading company shares held by the public and related financial instruments (including stock options, future exchange and stock index.


Investment is an investment for the long term is usually in the hope of benefit in the future as a professional compensation for delays consumption, the impact of inflation and the risk borne. Individual investment decisions can be made, of these investments can be capital gain / loss and yield. The reason an investor to invest is to get a better life in the future as well as to avoid the falling value of the assets owned.
Stock is one alternative in financial assets. The need for relevant information in making investment decisions in financial assets in the equity markets is needed by investors. An approach to analyzing the stock market price of capital is needed by investors. An approach to analyzing the stock market price of capital that can assist investors in making investment decisions is pendekatanfundamental and technical. The approach is fundamentally based his analysis on the assumption that every stock has a value generated intrinstik. One of the indicators that can be used is if the lower the price of a stock then the better to invest, in this case because the stock price can be afforded by the ability of investors and has a small risk value.

The main factors that determine the level of investment as follows :

a. The level of investment gains to be obtained
b. Interest rate
c. Forecasts of future economic
d. Advances in technology
and. National income levels and every level changes
f. Gains derived by companies
Capital role in improving the PNB (Gross National Income)
Investments are carried investor activity related to finance and economics in the hope to earn a profit in the future. Capital investment serves as a means of involving all potential investment community, both inside the country and abroad by investing / domestic investment and capital that can be shared equity or capital. Moreover, investment also serves as a means to measure a country's development as well as the gross national income. National income can be interpreted as a number or value that describes the entire production, production, or revenues generated from all the actors or sectors of the economy of a country within a certain time.
National income is often used as an indicator of the economy in terms of determining the rate of growth or the growth rate of the economy, measure the success of a country to achieve its economic development goals, and comparing the level of social welfare.
Therefore the, The capital investment is very important in increasing GNP because the greater investments made in a State, the level of GNP of the country will also be good that describes better the economic health of a country's level.

Domestic Investment
Investment in the country is investing activities to do business in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia by a domestic investor using domestic capital.
The development of domestic capital undeveloped natural resources owned though so abundant but not utilized properly. Whereas, with memanfaaatkan natural resources the government can do for an organization or the like which can increase national income by way of incorporation of the factors of production. But unfortunately, in fact more government uses foreign capital.

Domestic investments provide role in economic development in developing countries, this occurs in various forms. Investment capital is able to reduce the shortage of savings and through the inclusion of capital equipment and raw materials, thus raising the rate of capital inflow. In addition, low savings and investment reflects a lack of capital in the state of underdevelopment technology. Along with financial capital and physical capital, capital investment that brings with technical skills, professional, organizational experience, market information, advanced production techniques tekink, product development and other. It also trains local workers in new skills. All this in turn will accelerate the economic development of underdeveloped countries.

Factors that influence the Domestic Investment

Potential and characteristics of a region
Utilization of regional autonomy proportionately
Map of local and national politics
Accuracy of local governments in determining local policies and regulations that create a favorable climate for business and investment
Foreign Investment
Foreign Direct Investment is the investment activity to do business in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia by foreign investors, either the use of foreign capital and joint venture with a domestic investor. Provisions concerning regulated under the Investment Law No.. 25 Year 2005 on Investment. Foreign capital investment can be carried out by foreign individuals, foreign corporation, and / or foreign governments that makes an investment in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. The business activities of the business or type of business open to investment activity, unless the field of business or type of business which is declared closed and open with the requirements and restrictions of foreign capital ownership over the company business regulated under Presidential Decree No.. 36 Year 2010 About Change List of Businesses Closed and Open Business with Requirements in the Field of Investment.

Foreign Investment Company receiving facilities in the form of :

income tax through a reduction of net income up to certain level of investments made within a certain time;
exemption or reduction of import duty on capital goods, machine, or equipment for production purposes that can not be produced in the country;
exemption or reduction of import duty of raw materials or auxiliary materials for production purposes for a specific period and specific requirements;
waiver or suspension of VAT on imports of capital goods or machinery or equipment for production purposes that can not be produced in the country during a certain period;
depreciation or amortization; and
Land and Building Tax relief, particularly for certain sectors, in the region or area or a specific area.

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Friend, health tips. Wine is one of the fruits that are delicious and tasty consumed per person. Besides, This fruit is obtained even though the price is relatively expensive for the majority of our society. This wine can thrive in the dry season or in places that have low rainfall intensity. Wine for health benefits is actually quite remarkable, but ignorance of the usefulness. makes the grapes have not become one of our favorite bua. Then, What are the benefits of a surprising wine that never suspected that…???
Consuming fruits is one of the healthy lifestyle that can be practiced in everyday life,id. So there would be no harm in setting aside a portion of monthly income to buy various kinds of fruit or fill the fridge with fruits, especially grapes. There are various benefits that can be obtained from the grapes to improve the health of a person's health tips, The following surprising benefits grapes never suspected :

  1. Protect Your Heart Organ. The grapes contain resveratrol which serves to reduce the risk of heart attacks that can attack you at any time. Besides, resveratrol may contribute to increase the dilation of the blood vessels. So that the blood can easily flow smoothly throughout your body organs.
  2. Spared From Skin Cancer. Activity and job sometimes forces the body to be exposed to sunlight for a relatively long time. UVB rays from the sun will beresikon cause skin cancer. The content of resveratrol in wine can protect the skin from the dangers of skin cancer.
  3. Improve Brain Thinking. Resveratrol contained in grapes can help increase blood flow to the brain. So the ability to think and act in a person would be faster.
  4. Effective In Fighting Diabetes. Consuming grapes are rich in resveratrol is able to lower blood sugar levels by 10 percent. The good news of course for those who want to avoid diabetes.
  5. Lowering Your Cholesterol Levels. This is because, pterostibene that grapes contain compounds that play an important role in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood that can harm your health.
  6. Antidote Asthma. By regularly consuming grapes can prevent and treat asthma with a healthy and natural way.
  7. Effectively accelerate muscle recovery. For athletes or someone who is quite busy necessarily experiencing various problems in the muscles. The grapes contain antioxidants which help muscle recovery is faster and more effective and natural.