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Franchises from the beginning until today has undergone many developments in various types. Namun di Indonesia, waralaba masih identik dengan produk makanan dan minuman. Bagi calon entrepeneur muda, bisnis waralaba adalah cara termudah untuk belajar bisnis. Dengan menjadi waralaba atau franchisee, maka kita akan mendapatkan bimbingan dari pewaralaba (franchisor) about tips and effort to build his business empire. Yet, although with the capital that has been given to franchisees and various guidance has been done by the franchisees intensively, can not guarantee business done will meet with a success.

There are various factors that cause a lot franchisee to fail in business franchise, among others:

1. Are quite high
In order to participate in a franchise business on a particular product, we have to submit the initial capital in order to have the right to use the product name franchisees and get help and guidance tools and. Although sometimes capital that must be submitted are considered high, especially franchises from abroad. For example, McDonalds requires the franchisee must provide a deposit of capital around 405 million to hold rights (permission) producing McDonalds over an extended period of time 20 year.
So to be able to have fast food restaurant McDonalds require funding of about 1 billion more, good for site preparation, building, raw materials and employees. Unlike the local franchise which will cost less. Moreover, Also there are some franchises that ask for a percentage of profits / which has been obtained franchisee turnover each year in the contract agreement.

2. Raw material costs are too expensive
Usually, franchisees have provided raw material supplier for the franchisee to manufacture its products. They argue that the raw materials from suppliers who have been invited to work already meet quality standards. So the price of raw materials was a bit more expensive than the market price. Whereas such cooperation, pewaralaba also get a commission. Thus the profit margin earned by franchisees could become smaller.

3. Venture capital is not enough
There are some franchisees that provide attractive option for prospective franchisees to join the business, which gives the option installment of funds and supply of materials for franchisees who are still undercapitalized. Yet, generally the franchisor (franchisor) do not want to be involved in the provision of funds for the franchisee (franchisees) the lack of capital, so that the franchisee must be independent in seeking additional capital. In lean times and usually tersebutlah, the franchisee must be shut down in the middle of the road.

4. Granting franchise location is not strategic
The franchisee usually take into account also the location strategy, and to allow a representative of the franchise at a distance / a certain radius. Yet, not a few franchisees who allowed the establishment of dozens of franchise in one location (city) with the hope that he get more profit. It is not nice, because the franchisee had to compete with the brand and the same product in one location (certain radius).

5. Creativity is restricted
In the franchise business, Sometimes franchisors require franchisees to use falisitas uniform in their business places, or spot colors, Billboard, knick knacks, as well as other accessories. So that the power of creativity that will be developed by the franchise be limited to attract consumers. It becomes a negative value for entrepreneurs who have high creativity.

6. Determination of improper location
One of the keys to success in building a business is selecting the right location. In determining the location of which will serve as a place of business franchise, it's worth doing a little research, Good hustle locations, interests of citizens around the product to be sold, the number of rival attempts at similar products, and economic conditions being experienced by the local community.

7. Pewaralaba bankruptcy
What happens if the parent turns business into bankruptcy when businesses are being mangalami progress. So we have to fend for themselves without further assistance and guidance from the franchisor. This can give the distress and fear in ourselves. The same thing can happen if your business associates (same franchise) who was in another location turned out to be bankrupt, so that raises concerns.

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Typhoid disease is an infectious disease of the intestine caused by food and water contaminated by Salmonella bacteria Thypti that enter the body through the intestine and spread throughout the body, usually common in children over one year but did not rule adults also can be affected by this disease typhoid.

Typhoid disease usually occurs due to a lack of hygiene, such as not washing hands before eating, drinking raw water directly from the tap or drinking water that has not been cooked, etc. so as to make the Salmonella bacteria can enter the body that cause typhoid disease.

Gejala penyakit tipesSome of the characteristics and symptoms of typhoid disease:

  • Usually marked high fever up 39 degrees up 40 degrees Celsius at night but in the morning and afternoon fever high fever decreased and returned towards evening, fever usually occurs around 3 week.
  • Loss of appetite, so the body becomes weak.
  • Weight loss.
  • Throat inflammation, cracked lips and dry.
  • Experienced mouth odor
  • Tongue tasted bitter and in the middle is white while the red edge.
  • Muscle pain
  • Severe headache
  • Shivering
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Diarrhea but there are some cases where their tough CHAPTER.
  • Stomach ache due to swelling of the spleen and liver.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Small red spots appear around the abdomen and chest.
  • Disturbances of consciousness or even fainting if already experiencing severe conditions.
  • If not treated quickly typhoid disease can lead to leakage in the intestine and is very dangerous for the safety can even lead to death.

How to treat the symptoms of typhoid:

  1. Consult a doctor before the disease is more severe typhoid order to do prevention and treatment and lots of rest.
  2. Drugs commonly used for patients with typhoid including antibiotics, analgesics and if necessary will use intravenous fluids.
  3. Consuming foods that are soft and easy to digest foods such as porridge and abstinence spicy or acidic.
  4. Natural treatment can use pumpkin stew or ceme skinless later in blender, then consume on a daily basis.
  5. Treatment with a decoction of earthworms that have been cleaned and disposed of contents, if you are amused or disgusted can buy already packaged in a capsule that can be found in pharmacies or drug stores china.

So symptoms of typhoid can occur due to lack of hygiene when eating or drinking, so Thypti Salmonella bacteria can enter and multiply in the body, besides a weak immune system are also very instrumental trigger this typhoid symptoms.

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a. Income which is quite , usually employees with minimum wage 3 million. when you're an entrepreneur, you can attach SIUP or other license along with a checking account for 3 last month. & when you are an employee can attach documents such as pay slips & mutations bank accounts last.

b. Continuity high income does not guarantee the sustainability of the credit card holder fulfillment of the obligation to fulfill its obligations to the credit card company. Continuity of sufficient income to better provide confidence in the ability of prospective cardholders to pay off their obligations.

c. Good intentions of prospective credit card holders to always meet its obligations. One way to see the good intentions of prospective credit card holders is to see whether the candidate concerned credit card holders are included in the list of black-owned bank, central bank, or other financial institution. A person whose name is listed in the blacklist are usually considered less reliable in meeting its financial obligations.

d. Holders party goods and / or services (merchant) is a trader of goods and / or services that have been working closely with issuers and acquirers to receive equipment. Payment by credit card.

What are the benefits if your business has official permission ?

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1. legal protection.

if you have a business license you will avoid enforcement efforts & forcible demolition protected from unscrupulous – unscrupulous agencies concerned.

2. Can follow the project tender

if you want to follow the project in a government agency or private, must have a business license, without the permission then you are certainly not able to follow the project because it is a requirement permits the administration to follow a project tender.

3 . Trusted by consumers

to have official permission, then you will be more credible business customers . consumer confidence levels more meningkatkarena with their permission they would feel secure with the product,id / services sold.

4. sign of obedience to the law.

to have a business license you have complied with the regulations in Indonesia, & free from the snares of existing law.

5. facilitate bank loans.

have such permission SIUP can also be useful for obtaining loans to banks. & Other credit application for your business development.

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Code of Ethics can be defined pattern rules, procedures, sign, ethical guidelines in conducting an activity or job. Code of conduct is a pattern of rules or procedures as the Code of Conduct.

In relation to the profession, that the code of ethics is an ordinance or rule that has become standard activities of members of a profession. A code of ethics describes the professional values ​​of a profession that is translated into standards of behavior of its members. The most important is the desire of professionals to provide community service.

Professional values ​​can be also called an ethical principle.(Chung, 1981 produce four basic ethical, ie : (1). Appreciate the value and dignity (2). Caring and responsible (3).Integrity in relationships (4). Responsibility towards society.

Code of conduct standards used aktvitas members of the profession, code of conduct as well as guidelines (guidelines). The community makes as perdoman in order to anticipate the occurrence of interaction between members of the profession. interaction is a professional monopoly., utilizing the power and privileges that protect personal interests contradiction with the community. Oteng/ Sutisna (1986: 364) mendefisikan that the code of ethics as guidelines for ethical behavior that forces members of the profession.

National convention IPBI to-1 defines a code of ethics as a pattern provisions, rules, procedures that guide in carrying out activities or duties of a profession. Bahasannya everyone should run and will mejiwai Pattern, Terms, rules because basically an act that does not use a code of conduct will face sanctions.

if you require the services of Business Establishment and Management Services Licensing us legalsolusindo willing in terms of management is.

For submission to the bank credit to the value of over USD 50 Million, one of the requirements you must meet are required to have a TIN or attach. If you do not have the bank will reject your loan application submission.

The reason is not too important, for some people who already have more income, but for the people who need mortgages still much is needed for the purposes of. Examples mortgage to buy a home, credit to buy a new car, and loans for working capital.

How, if you think about important not have a TIN if the facts above reasons? L still no excuse for not managing tax ID?

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Certificate of Company Registration (TDP) is a list of official record is held by or under the provisions of the Act, which contain matters which are required to be registered by each company and approved by an authorized officer of the company registration office.

That the purpose of the enterprise is requested each of efforts in conducting ssetiap types of businesses that are fixed and constant and erected, work and is within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, for gain or profit.

Registration must be done within three months after the company started doing business. Parties authorized to sign the list of company's corporate office or industrial offices are located in every county / city.

As for the documents that must be taken to complete the TDP as where it should be in the legislation as follows :


  • FC SK
  • License

Examples of the results so TDP :

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Have your company has a TDP? if not immediately hire an perizinannya governance standpoint licensing management effort or service, because it aims to record the information materials made correctly from a company which is a source of official information for all parties, concerned about the identity of the companies listed in the list of companies in order to ensure business certainty.

the importance of law as a guideline in social environment, ethnic, and state. provisions of the rule of law and other norms to be applied in a variety of everyday life,In social life we ​​need a legal system to create a harmonious community life and regular. Statement of law or legislation made not include all matters arising in the community and make it difficult for law enforcement to resolve the matter. In an effort to resolve a matter of judges sometimes face the problem of no legislation that can directly be used to resolve the matter concerned, despite all of the methods of interpretation have been used. the importance of the law itself for the colors of the country, one example :

1. To prevent or avoid a judge's own actions by citizens.
2. To ensure the implementation of human rights of citizens.
3. To protect the weaker party from the action arbitrariness done, by strong parties.
4. In order to guarantee the implementation of the rights and obligations of citizens.

The presence of law enforcement and legal rules are clear, firm, and just aim for the citizens to understand the rules that apply, capacity to implement, and a Justice when experiencing the law to every citizen on the face of it be treated the same law.